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  1. at least let us take 1 and 2 stars rewards ffs
  2. Can somebody tellme how this guys create this events? trade times when the server is down? WTF
  3. you need alts for adena, but u dont need to buy spirit ore or ss until 80, try to lvl where you kill fast and dont use transformations
  4. You can purchase the Premium Service until 6:30 AM server time the day before the season ends. REALLY REALLY
  5. WTF i cant buy the pass with my alt !!!!
  6. Finish 1 day before ends. 24/7 farming doing dungeon with all char slot in acc.
  7. What is the possibility of getting 0 drops with freya and frost freya?
  8. 2021 and NCSOFT still missunderstood how to get money without breaking the game
  9. No mod, no gm, and its official server of lineage...
  10. Like always we dont have CM on this forum, BTW its insane we have to AFK FARM 42 days for this event...
  11. Like always we dont have CM on this forum
  12. Cardi 82 runing of mana take 1d4hs for 16k... nonstop farm funny event.
  13. 17 years playing l2 aden? wow ahahah go cry in another post please.
  14. Dude go read please... u dont know about vampiric rage and youre talking nonsense. Make your own post about how you misunderstood skills or read descriptions. Vampiric Rage The effect lasts for 20 min. With a certain chance, absorbs 9% of the inflicted damage as HP. Source
  15. Luck, or just expend 5 thousand like others
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