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  1. Are you serious to make the "hardly got 400 arc exp "requirement to be minimum level 85? Its a nonsense , You should lowering at least the level to 80, 81 or 83 max to be able to get this "new year event" and so being able to close a bit the gap between characters levels.
  2. Hi , at the moment as we can also see elsewhere, spirit ores and soulshot are a pain to get constantly for playing all day long , they cost a lot in shops if you plan to buy oftenly so you would want to get only those in adena shop and missions . Then the rest of time if you lack of it you can stay in town. BUT soulshots can be manageable since there is some ways to get them . The main problem are spirit ores , the 20 min buffs ask too much spirit ore and you will eventually run out of them , will wait until next mission or hoping having some in boxes event/ random craft , but once more i
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