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  1. 4 days when you payed for stuff and when you miss the double exp weekend? What's more, you are dragging your cp down... Sorry, 4 days is not acceptable at all.
  2. 4 accounts of our CP are blocked as well for no reason. Please think of some compensation! @Hime @Juji Right now we are missing double exp weekend event, free spiritshot packs and we will fall behind with the lvl.
  3. Hello NCSoft support! Last night my friends and I were playing all together l2classic (Giran) when suddenly we were disconnected and dropped from the game for no reason. After, when we tried to enter the game - the system did not allow us, stating the following message: "Due to suspicious activity, this account has been locked. Please contact support atappeal@ncsoft.com ." We did nothing wrong. We play l2official for more than 7 years and we never received such a message before. It looks like a bug or something. Please resolve this issue as soon as possible or thin
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