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  1. Why do you kidz keep making the same mistakes? Did you not learn from the chest event 5-10 years ago? How many wasted real life $$'s you going to lose before you learn? It's casino NCscam game, not easter egg basket reward game.
  2. Thanks for your reply and info. If I create a playNC account with a different email than my L2 protonmail account, will I still be able to obtain the rune? Or do the accounts have to match?
  3. Can any confirm or deny L2M not working with protonmail?
  4. USA controls 2/3 of the map and most of space. Maybe you need to go back to school, if you ever went.
  5. @Hime @Sunshine @Juji @LIME @Hyunkel Is protonmail not allowed on Lineage2M? I've tried to register my account on L2M with my proton email account and it says "This account is already in use or is unusable". I haven't registered yet and I don't have any emails from L2M. What is going on here?
  6. I'll say it here, even though it's quite embarrassing. Still somewhat of a mystery as well. I had the pick-up button on my auto-hunt box turned off. Still a mystery because there we no items on the ground, but when I turned the button on I started getting drops right away.
  7. No problem, I'm glad you can understand some parts clearly....lol. What exactly do you want me to apologize for? Solving my own problem? Stop acting like a victim. I will thank @Degus again, though. Thank you Degus, for trying harder than the GM's so solve this issue.
  8. The only timed hunting zone I do is IT, and it only takes me 10-15 minutes. I also do Aden solo instance, but that only takes 5-10 minutes.
  9. I figured it out guys. Thanks for all the replies, even if you can't read correctly, I appreciate you trying.
  10. No, I'm on Chronos with you. I sent you a pm a little while ago. How do you get massive exp with 0 drops after 72 hours of play?
  11. Calm down, kid. The info you are asking for has been posted, and it was actually in reply to you at the beginning of this thread. I thought you were going to actually be the one to help. You can't sit there and honestly say the people in this thread are trying to help, we both know that's nonsense. I truly wish my thread was BS, really. Like I said earlier, I will show you my play report. It's coming in a few days. So far it's 4 days grind with 0 Angel's Feathers, 0 Black Mithril, and 0 Dragon Scales.
  12. Good try, Degus. Looks like my initial judgement was correct. I'm not being cryptic, you're just not getting the info you want to harass me in-game lol. Loot option was explained and party make-up was explained, and you can read it again if you want. I suggest maybe getting reading glasses first. I will say you are trying harder than the GM's who have been reviewing these tickets though. I guess thanks for that, but my problem persists.
  13. btw, it looks like majority is in favor of NA server with NA time zone for NA players....server has spoken Cheerio, Euros.....lol
  14. uhhh, who renovates a new house? lmfao looks like some1 never paid a bill in their life i can understand renovating an old or worn down house, but a new house? grow up kid
  15. thats really sad actually, some1 spend 5k USD on a game weapon and you call them poor.....just wow how do you even have an active account scoobz? i clearly remember the day you admitted to botting for "1 day" lol
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