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  1. This game wasn't designed to be played with current NA rates. It couldn't be more obvious.
  2. Way too many noobs in this thread complaining how players and staff want rates fixed. I mean wtf, are these guys roleplayers or something? Classic is carebear enough. NCsoft already stated that the lowered rates were unintentional but were kinda stuck with them for the time being.
  3. Who was comparing anywhere in this thread? That post was in response to that noob kid said wow doesn't hwid ban..... because apparently "...no one tries to hwid or ip ban - at all...".
  4. Ok. Just so there is no miscommunication, I will help explain better. There are 2 steps to getting items through spoiling. 1. spoil 2. sweep When you cast spoil, it has chance to work or not work. It will tell you in system chat ONLY if skill was successful. If spoil is successful, you have chance to get item from using sweeping skill. Items are not guaranteed. Your spoil level only increases your chance to land spoil. It does not increase your chance to get item from using sweep skill. However, in past iterations of Lineage 2: your character level in relat
  5. Now were getting somewhere. I cant help buy wonder if these discrepancies existed at launch or were caused/exacerbated by the "fix" they supposedly implemented. I hope staff understands that spoil rates need to be adjusted separately from adena. Instead of just boosting them both by same rate....
  6. Have some patience guys. The supposed "bug" that was fixed, still exists for some mobs. And yeah, spoil rates for some of these mobs seem like they're literally 1000% nerfed (instead of 25% spoil rate, its like 2%). Drop rates are almost as bad. Mobs are bugged and cannot drop more than 1 item. So if a higher level mob has a 100% chance to drop thread, it will never drop anything else... From my understanding, this effects level 40+ mobs. Staff has already commented on it in discord apparently. Why they have not made a statement here, on their official forum platform - I don't
  7. Or I don't know, they could have done a simple google search. I mean, NCwest sounds pretty similar to NCsoft but I'm going to sit here and argue that they're not a subsidiary.
  8. You're arguing about semantics here. Theyre a publishing studio owned by the same company.... Just like how Disney owns ESPN and Marvel....
  9. It didn't revert back to what it was at launch. However, after the restart following last update, rates were randomly nerfed - particularly spoils. Many people theorize, that the fixed drop tables were simply overwritten by the old ones. However, that cant be the case because some fixes remained. Its also particularly important to clarify, the initial fix, only touched a small percentage on content. Higher level mobs for example, were not adjusted and their rates are still excessively low.
  10. Oh dang, that must be confusing af to people with fresh installs. Ive had L2 installed on my pc for so long, I would have been tripping too.
  11. If you back staff into a corner and force them to provide an official" answer - they're going to cover their ass and say "technically its not 100% allowed"..... Obviously right? However, many many times staff has commented on the matter in a formal matter - some examples provided at top of this thread. Its fine to use, as long as you're not abusing it. They don't scan for repeated keystrokes like some here are suggesting. On live, since beginning of time you could pretty much bot with your speedpad, and as long as you're in front of your screen, you're 100% safe. Peo
  12. or use mouse scroll wheel.
  13. Noone is making a consistent 100k per hour or adena sellers would be selling much much cheaper. Lets get real here. On topic, if you want to make decent money that takes little investment, aoe lower level shit and sell full drops to npc shop. You can make 20-40k an hour if you have vip. Delevling is a pain tho.
  14. They said that in the context of adding content and updating the game to be on pace with what's in Europe >.< The launch rates that were supposedly "bugged" and then fixed, were not for higher level mobs. Its pretty simple.
  15. its not a black and white subject but I respect your opinion. The truth is, PayPal is openly accepting refunds for this game for a reason. That aside, regardless of anyone's opinion, the truth is they are hindering progression behind cash shop purchases and it was advertised as a different version. It took them weeks to clarify that after they initially stated that launch rates were bugged and to wait for a patch. It might have been miscommunication between ncsoft west and their home office - who knows. After the "bugged" rates were somewhat fixed, the following patch, they nerfed them b
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