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  1. For sure, not here mate. I came back after more than 7 years of leaving, hoping that at least the "calssic" version of these games was out of the grip of greed. I was wrong. Now theres only pay to win events on these servers, 0 staff presence and I almost forgot... Pay to Win content. A very expensive content for the remaining 20 ppl playing here.
  2. When they turned the actual live version into a free to play, I spent like 500$ in a couple of months, but i realized soon where this was going to. I stop playing for over 7 years now, as all my old clan (about 30 ppl). So, in 7 years of losing 15$ per month u have about 1260$. U can multiply that for houndred of loyal players who quit. At the end yes, u may have a rush of cash with pay2win events but event after event u keep losing posible costumers and making bad fame. For example I wont even try L2M, and the revolution was the same. A pay to fast could be ok, with some extra cosmetic
  3. Yes, as I said, the game was NOT designed to be like this, but they forced to and heres the result. Every step they do, the game becomes even more unplayeable. They should made the classic as the classic was, with subscription model. For those who want pay to win they already have different alternatives and thats fine, there is products for everyone but forcing a product wich was designed from the grounds to not be p2w ends with one of the greates games of all times, becoming a total waste of time.
  4. This game was not designed to be pay to win. For that you have many other alternatives, such as l2 revolution, l2 m, etc, which were designed to see who has the largest visa card. The classic l2 is about effort, meritocracy, luck, commitment and ability, that is why the subscription model worked much better, but greed leads to not understanding the bases of a problem and therefore only to worsen the result. That is why you have here only 20 active people fighting among themselves to see who spent the most per month and, on the other hand, there are "servers" with so much life still. No
  5. Is this the real Juji? The old Juji was way more empathic and responsive with community complains and suggestions.
  6. I see. Looks like things went worse since this game became "free to play" (more like free to download and thats it). Back in the days when we had subscription model things where a lit bit more fun, and yes, admins do nothing about player complains. I think that even with this awfull and unbalacing p2w model and with the fact that more players are leaving they still get more money than with the subscription one, otherwise there is no sense to me. Servers are almost empty of real ppl. No group conctent, no pvp and almost no market. I think they still dont realized that most ppl wont i
  7. Recently I decided to try again L2 ,after several years of leaving the actual "Live" version of this game . But this time coming back into the apealing classic version. However, after one week of playing (in Giran sever) I realized that theres only auto AFK toons of the same clans with differente numers that are replaced every day (bots) and in the last Siege of Giran Castle, there was only 1 party vs 1 party of OP toons and thats it. Almost the same for Olys. So, in the end, these are the only really active players in the server? about 20-30 ppl? Whats the point of getting more an
  8. Hola, busco clan en español de preferencia latino (por los horarios mas que nada) con cierto compromiso! Jugué en el ofi desde el 2008 hasta bien entrado GoD. Acabo de empezar hace un par de días en el servidor GIRAN, aún estoy decidiendo por TK o SWS. Saludos.
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