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  1. Thank you. it seems that I'm not informed well enough - my char is a DK. Thanks for clearing that up. Much appreciated guys
  2. Is it by any chance imprinted? You also need to Seal it first if you have them unsealed. Only then you can unseal it to your desired armor type.
  3. Yeah, so it goes like this. Upon buying a Brooch Support kit for either 6k L2 Coins, you get an Onyx Lv. 3 which, we all know, has the gold/yellowish pearlescent while hitting the mobs, Lv. 4 being Blue, Lv. 5 being Red and so on. Upon opening the Shinning Support Battle Chests from this current Event, I have managed to level up my Onyx from Lv. 1, by compounding, to Lv. 3 succesfully. Bug? : The Lv. 3 Onyx that I have made from the Event is not displaying the gold/yellowish pearlescent upon hit, whilst the Onyx Lv. 3 from Brooch Kit is displaying the right color upon h
  4. Scarlet Van Halisha, the atmosphere, the spookiness inside the place has always given me goosebumps!
  5. These speellbooks drop from certain Raids in the game, so for the moment, don't worry about these skills. After you hit lvl 76, even more spells will require spellbooks, but you will get them as the game goes later on, when you will start raiding with a clan the Alliance Bosses. Also, check Special Crafting section under Spellbooks, you can see there what you require to craft certain spellbooks. Have fun!
  6. I agree with Tokyo. It’s very dependent on how you play the game. I for example spend even less than what you were expecting to spend. I too play from the start of the server almost, was late 2 weeks but I managed to jump on the main train. I have in the time here only spent around 20 eu to get me going in the start, and then after that I went fully F2P. But still this doesn’t change the fact that you CAN ans nobody is stopping you from spending however much you wish. If you wish to play with only few accounts, then you “might” struggle a bit, depends on how much
  7. Hello, Aden servers: 10 per pc Classic servers: 5 per pc Live servers: 3 per pc Although you cannot log 18 clients. I usually click on the Performance setting so that when I’m not on a specific window of L2, it’s using less resources in that way.
  8. ADENAPPRECIATION Activate it in your NcSoft account.
  9. In my knowledge, the events only run for 2 weeks. In NcSoft the events that come and go run for 2 weeks and then end. So I think you can expect for the event for Antharas' Dolls to end on Wednsday (10-13)
  10. One thing is that dev.central is not always correct on the information that we have. This domain is I think more translated from the Korean and European version, whereas things change dependent on the region of the release. Please be careful, as you should take all info from other sites with a grain of salt. also, as the person stated above, there are 2 different chests: Orcish Treasure Chest and Orc’s Kings, they might be different. Tldr: rewards might differ since we dont have NCSOFT’S original patch notes that contain the correct info.
  11. In the near future of our updates, Essence (our Aden) will get some rework regarding the Random Crafting System. A lot of countries are getting restrictions on cases, packs and other RNG included systems, so I get your frustration, everyone should see their prizes. Regarding the updates: As the time goes on, less people will need lower grade items, which will have a lesser chance to appear in the system, thereby more people will be getting higher grade items. Also, they have already changed up a few things in our version of the game. Korean version of Essence didn't include e
  12. Well since a lot of people complained that they didn’t manage to get the Anthara’s Doll, they implemented it to be obtained in this event. Valakas Necklace is a very unique item, but we might as well see a return of it in a form of a “reward” for a longer term event completion like we’ve seen with Antharas Doll as mentioned above :)
  13. Well if you have played in NcWest before, you’d know that they get their updates and all codes from NcKorea. NcWest are responsible for importing the Korean version of the game with minor adjustments from time to time - hence why they can’t do anything about the current version of the game. the Korean and European versions of Essence are in future plans to implement here and there will be updates on many classes. Also a side note, Dreads have usually been the go-to class for mass PvE, so don’t expect anything huge in PvP :)
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