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  1. Yo buttercup, they do use hwid bans. Its funny how after I state they do, you counter my statement without googling it yourself. It's usually for more extreme cases like altering memory. And I don't need a lesson in its effectiveness. No one is arguing against it or for it except for you. I stopped reading there >.<
  2. yo, I'm not arguing bots are easy to get rid of. I'm arguing that NCsoft doesn't apply enough effort into combating them. There is a difference. And there is no reason to be rude and telling people they don't know what theyre talking about or they shouldn't speak. Or whatever it is you have been saying. At this point I just skim through your posts. Many game companies use hwid bans btw.... Wow, archeage, ffxiv, eve and guess who else - Lineage 2.... L2 hasn't been for bots for a long while however. They don't use delayed bans. They don't manual ban. There are bots in dwarven area tha
  3. No but they can use hwid. Better then nothing ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ I forgot to mention above. There are popular scripts out there for quests that bots have been running for weeks. You can set in certain areas of towns and watch huge bot parties run the exact same pathing over and over through town to gatekeeper lol. Again, these bots have been running for weeks and have been reported hundreds of times! Maybe close to a thousand. A simple algorithm could detect people using these free scripts, running that same pathway. But we can never expect that from the gms in game, they don'
  4. I know because I do. We've been having this discussion since 2005. If they wanted to ban the bots, they would use delayed ban. Period. And adreno, which is what the vaaaast majority of botters use, didn't have a delayed ban - they were immediate. Btw, wow's anticheat, warden, has defeated almost every bot out there. Its been that way for a long time. You can literally sell tokens from blizzard store for more gold per dollar than buying from gold seller. Having good antibot protection isn't something new at all.
  5. Clientsided anticheats are mostly limited in scope by privacy cyberlaws. I cant chime in on how they work or anything but you can find out more by googling. https://scholar.google.com/ Though the truth is, it's not hard to detect the popular bots dude. They just don't want to ban them and spend money on proactive anticheat. Otherwise they would have delayed bans for sure. Meaning, once a popular bot was detected, they wouldn't initially ban the user immediately. Instead, they create a log of users botting for a week or two then ban them all in one strike. Instead, what they have bee
  6. Yeah its pretty carebear. Noob friendly though. Ive met a ton of people new to L2 on this server.
  7. Hes saying this version of L2 is casual compared to other versions of L2 Mixa. Hes not comparing L2 to other games >.<
  8. Absolutely ridiculous. I'm really disappointed at how we were pulled along for weeks, by statements like "rates are being investigated" etc. Like there was any chance at all they would change for the better. Now we are being funneled to the same areas with increased rates like themepark mmorpg players - killing the L2 vibe. This classic server sucks tbh. Its only saving grace is its a new server and that's feeling is starting to fade fast. This will be my last week here unless staff steps up their game and starts proactively addressing our concerns in an upfront honest manner.
  9. @Hime @Juji Fix solo areas too! Only fixing small percentage of areas was not right and is unbalanced for majority of players....
  10. Congratulations, you successfully turned L2 into a themepark mmorpg. Very sad to see you fixed a very small amount of zones / mobs.
  11. What about spoils only giving 1x item and are already like 10x lower chance than Europe?!!! Those areas listed are not the only areas with messed up spoil rates. Not even close... Partisans for example >.<
  12. Im honestly surprised there are not more bots. The top D weapon event reward appears to be worth about $100 in rmt…. and drop pretty often. NCsoft trolled themselves.....
  13. Also, whatever you do, don't take BD or SWS in BH triple box setup. They are overrated for small party leveling unless you plan on using them only out of party later and want to level them now. They are not better than SE for one. And only worth in DD PT if you have 3+ DD and use active for hex. BH+meleeDD+buffer is better than BH+BD+buffer or BH+BD+DD You can also use PP instead of SE. It just depends on what you prioritize. With PP you can level much faster but BH will be out of mana a lot and you will need to buy vamp stews. With SE, you will be much richer but kil
  14. Im using BH, PS, SE. It's a solid choice for classic as you can kill very quickly. If exp/spoil rates were better, I would say use TH instead of PS. So you could lure choice mobs for spoil to BH. Unfortunately tho, free to play NA rates are just too horrible to kill that slowly with TH.
  15. Many people did not know they would be this full and NCsoft would ignore the problem. It took them weeks to allow us to transfer our launch packs. You see, with VIP4, right now I have queue of between 30min-1hour on Talking island. Closer to 1 hour I think. Granted, I can only play 1-2 hours per day on weekends. I purchased 3x launch packs before launch. After launch, when I realized that there were huge server queues, I immediately requested to have my vip pack moved to another server. Support denied me, stating there were no server transfer options for Classic servers...
  16. No official renouncement about spoils. The foundation of the economy >.< I understand Juji did reply saying spoils are included in the adjustment but that's pretty vague and we've been waiting almost a month for an answer regarding what their intentions are. And what are they gonna do for mats that are supposed to spoil / drop in stacks of 1-10? Like animal bone. They gonna leave it at 1 per spoil? Is it bugged, it seems like it is. Though maybe its intentional. We dont know because they still havnt said anything.... As it stands, these rates are worse than Korea.
  17. @Juji It has now been another week. No word specifically about super low spoil rates. We would like to know if they are intended the way they are. We would like to know if you guys are going to fix them. Please.
  18. They're keeping server counter full. They know that if 1 person quit, that's 3 less on server because of that persons boxes. 30 day launch packs are expiring soon and NCwest knows many people will quit after. Already, concurrent users with unique IP addrtess are dropping. You see ingame just how less busy towns and chat are. It gets worse every week.
  19. So, from my understanding: NCwest was given server rate files that korea classic used but is using client from NCwest live (their normal NA L2 servers). The ticker: VIP in korea gave you +400% exp and drop or something like that. Plus here, mobs are stronger than they were in Korea classic because they using different client... So now in NA classic, a lot of people playing this version either assume that NCwest is in process of adjusting rates to compensate or keeping rates of higher level content low, so they can manipulate how fast people level. another theory is tha
  20. Just wait. This game becomes p2w debuff city later on when nolifers have high levels.
  21. Summons were stronger in classic version when there were no shots people. Now they are balanced assuming you are using them.... So nerfed. Also, yes summons are supposed to be good at pve. They were designed from day 1 to be best solo class ingame…. Now they just ok and a pain to play - especially at higher level. Truthfully, NCwest didn't balance this version and summoners kinda get screwed. It has nothing to do with summons not being gear dependent. That's just a reality. Sorry but true OP.
  22. Some people in this thread... Im not even gonna say it. Anyways, for those that need help: OP is saying LOWER LEVEL MOBS GIVE BETTER ADENA THAN HIGHER LEVEL MOBS. And he feels that aspect of game is not balanced....
  23. If that's the case, maybe that particular mob isn't effected? I don't know... For what its worth, for some reason, at of all the mats, suede seems to have the least nerfed rates. You see, this has been an issue since launch and there have been hundreds on hundreds of complaints and reports. You're they first person to claim theve accomplished spoiling more than one mat on these forums, that I have seen and Im pretty active here..... To clarify, spoiling more than 1 item should be happening regularly. There are mobs that damn near guarantee multiple mats, like bone, and
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