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  1. Indeed as expected not a single reaction about the case with the Red Arc xp reward. I guess we are just forgotten.
  2. Some feedback would be nice regarding the 400x Red Arc reward. Really not a nice move.
  3. What a joke it is that only lv 85+ can open the xp rewards from New Years gift. Like screw the 95+% of server.
  4. Just checked Elcadia ranking, so there's only 85 accounts that are 85+ some great event you guys!
  5. I agree this is complete nonsense, and worst of all you wrap in in a so called gift. Not only do you need to work for your gift, turns out there's also a lvl requirement. In what kind of world is this a "new years gift"?
  6. The system is garbage the only quick fix is that if pkers get killed they drop items, that can be looted by players. Only this will change things. Nothing else.
  7. Damage done is already too much to turn it around, better to play on a non competing level. Just play to chill and don't get in their way.
  8. It would have been nice if the Valakas Necklace was tradable within the same account.
  9. They need an extra hour of maint because server can't handle all this new P2W all at once =O
  10. Just wait untill you have 8, you turn them in and you receive: crafting point recharge x2. Yep been waiting all my life for this.
  11. I agree it's not good for the health of the server, it will scare newcomers for sure. I personally find this whole Sayha system, limited soulshots and spirit ore mumbo jumbo quite annoying as it really limits non spenders income. All your gains go to the resources that you need to make it through the next day. Some may argue; hey they gave out free spirit ores and soulshot tickets with the "promo code" but that's just a bandaid on a big open soaking wound. I'm pretty certain they made it like this intentionally. Luckily I've been around since server start and can now sustain those basic n
  12. Not here to debate about Epidemic's influence or anything. I'm not a big fan of them either. But... the way I see it prices just went up because the gear boxes, I figure the price for LCoins will go up every time something new and shiny gets added to the store. More demand causes prices to go up. If you've got the cash to spare, and people are willing to fork over more adena. Would you be willing to sell for less than the others, or would you maximize your gains? I don't like this either but the next addition as big as the gear box to the store will raise prices again and again.
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