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  1. y soon serwer will be die ! GJ NC Soft make 30% drop adena, no ch , no siege, no oly , more ppl got ban for nothnik , more can't log to game. You are so sad now i tHink Innova is a lot of batter serwer then you. Soon you make in l2 store more more items for Euro. Next Nc coin now we got in Euro that is sad i thnik your company is very sux. And you destroy this game. Summoner play out of shot for his pet the same DA and Craft !becouse dont got adena from mobs to use it ! Soon we got 2k online then 2000/3 all got 3 box 700 then /2 shop in city bb sux game sux serwer sux every think
  2. this serwer wil be die when thay dont do nothink about drop adena and beast shot
  3. I play a CAT - Warlock and is a sad about use ss on my pet. We never do it maybe on pvp we can use it but 72adena per 1 hit so expensive when mobs drop 100-300 adena. Cat need do 5-6 hit to kill mobs 5* 72 or 6* 72 / 360 adnea and 432 so 1 mobs cost us 60-320 thatis very expensive ............. Make drop rate adena x1 or change cost make ss for pet. Or you never saw soon any summoner on the serwer.
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