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  1. well, you could try reinstalling and updating your drivers for your hardware. if that doesn't help - see if your router has issues. check the provider/check your routers connectability, mine for example lets me go to a website that shows me if i had any dcs or if my connection was unstable at some point. i don't know your hardware and the situation you live in. are the cables alright? is the cable you use broken? i don't think that this is the issue, i trust you know your stuff. try it with reinstalling first and check this https://www.howtogeek.com/174068/how-to-identify-which-hard
  2. did it work now? check if you can play any other mmo and if that doesn't work either it could be a hardware issue. at least you can figure out the issue and move on from there, you know?
  3. dude, your english might not be the best but the message speaks a 100 % truth.
  4. maybe he forgot to mention you have to buy the buffs etc. from the VIP store
  5. i'm f*cking bored, dude. i can't login to giran.
  6. 20 yr old dude, just casually living and i thought i would write down what i ate today since i wasn't really paying attention. 3 grapes, 2 chocolate bars, around 12 pocky, 3 apples, 1 piece of meat, 2 units of sauce for the rice and the meat. i didn't quite hunt the food, it just happened to be in the kitchen. i had a coke with a high amount of sugar about 54889 tons and i wore leather pants while drinking it. also at a party next door someone dropped a bunch of burgers (twice) from BK but i only got one (they left them there and by the time i got there someone else got the others lol). a
  7. there are some things money can't buy, for everything else there's multipass
  8. i know, it's annoying as f*ck. couldn't login the whole evening.
  9. i couldn't login the whole day too but i have no idea what your problem might be though tbh. https://account.ncsoft.com/settings/authorizedlocation/index go here and remove every ip, restart your computer and your router just to check that off the list too. after that - if it still doesn't help - repair the files of the game, check your antivirus if it blocks the game.
  10. you use soulshots? jesus, no wonder you got money problems. i think i spent less than 10 ss since the server started.
  11. i guess lots of people want to play the game and they're swarming in.
  12. i think top ng. when you step up to d you can still share that weapon amongst your other chars or in your clan, besides the cheaper ss and wait until you get a decent new weapon.
  13. pwoni


    no bleep way...i wanted a strider though... :(((
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