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  1. someone can clarify this? its normal that adena has no 100% drop chance? i always knew that the only thing with 100z% drop after killing a mob is adena. but ive founds some mobs that sometimes doesnt drop anything at all. i made a support ticket about it, and they told me its intended. @Juji
  2. moon light gives you mp regen, so more spoils. hp is not a problem if you use a s.oracle
  3. forgot to add my ticket number Request #22460821 ty @Hime
  4. hey @Hime, customer support replied saying to me they are not gonna move the Jack O' Lantern to my main character. you say they will do it, they say they wont. can you do something about it? thanks
  5. you forgot to add that non-VIP accounts get disconnected every few hours. great game ncsoft!
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