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  1. I'm going to be completely honest with you. If you don't plan to buy adena to be able to deck yourself out in some better gear and you do not have a box to heal more efficiently then you cannot solo well anymore. This is the second hurdle of the drop rate being broken. Your best bet is to try to find mage aoe parties and overhit for them. Failing that you should make a third box as a support to assist in dps / or get your warcryer a dagger or something so your joint damage is higher to reduce the resting in areas you can handle. The issue with wc support is lack of mana efficient heals means y
  2. Just give it some time. The people who are ahead will always say "the rates are fine" to keep the advantage. As they pretended before rates were improved the first time. The average level of players needs to rise until they start encountering these issues and then the reality of the situation will be made apparent. Gatekeeper costs will bankrupt people who were unlucky with full drops / those who didn't buy adena and you'll have more chance getting C grade from bleeping Santa than farming it as a non botter/ebayer.
  3. No. Their adena rate was streamed by fragola earlier and the xp rate was the same but the adena was double. Please dont suggest things that will cause the server to die.
  4. The website says that in order to qualify for vip4 you need to buy 4000 nccoin within 30 days. Yeah you can spread it out over the course of the month but that is still restrictive enough it will turn people away.
  5. I agree. But when you buy an expansion for an mmo, let's say wow for instance. You buy the expansion (4k nccoin buy in) then you pay for the sub (maintaining the sub) If you then take a break from wow and come back you don't need to pay that 50 again do you, you just pick up the small sub fee which is reasonable. My understanding of vip is that you would need to pay another 50 again which is all sorts of bleeped.
  6. I'm not saying don't have a vip system that gives boosted rates. I want that in. I'm saying that it shouldn't be 0.25x to 1x at lv4. It does not need to literally be 4x as powerful. That's my only quarrel with the post.
  7. If you think w/e portion of the 80% of the server that are unhappy with the state of the game "who don't already have vip4" will pay for vip4 to make the game normal then don't run a business, my man. 1x rates free +15/30/45/60% adena/drop/spoil per vip lv is comfy as bleep.
  8. If we are currently sitting at 25% adena and everyone is saying they want an answer / fix or they will leave the game, what makes you think this is a good idea.
  9. I agree that would be a fair amount.
  10. I honestly think that the current bonuses are enough for vip to be a reliable source of income. The increased rates and pve dmg give catchup mechanics to those with cash and limited time. The biggest drawback of the vip4 system is the 50 dollar buy in, when the launch packs disappear that is a massive investment and I think those who lose vip4 from not maintaining coin will think twice about reinvesting. Vip4 doesn't need those kinds of bonuses to remain relevant though. Even something like making death penalty-90% is highly enticing as we reach higher levels, we're here because we love the ga
  11. None yet but I think you'll agree with me that if the adena rates etc are fixed then this becomes bearable for another week or two.
  12. Bro the prima guide has been linked multiple times as irrefutable proof that old school l2 was not as hard as you like to think it was. Mobs dropped more gold in c1 than they do here. Stop thinking like we want an increase from 1x to 3x because it's not like that at all. We want the 0.25-0.33x we have to the 1x it should be. Fragola just streamed going 1-10 on jp classic and made double adena and more drops. People have compared this to eu and gotten 3-4x. You are playing Ethiopia simulator right now. Please stop defending it because you like to feel hardcore on the forums. The community will
  13. How do I delete someone elses' forum post? Look, the limited testing people did of other versions of classic have shown the spoil/drop/adena rates are estimated to be 25-33%. If paying for vip4 becomes mandatory to enable spoiling then the wall still exists, it's just not immediately noticeable. The vip bonuses are incredibly good as they are, and I don't think I'm the only one who would be tempted to buy it if all the issues are resolved tomorrow. There's no need for workarounds like this at all if they are just put to normal.
  14. 20% lmao. That's an extremely optimistic outlook.
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