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  1. All these people making topics and crying about quitting, yet none of them will quit. If you really wanted to quit you would chargeback all money spent to ncsoft last 3 months, to ensure they close your account. No one will though because they are addicted. Ncwest knows exactly what they are doing and how to milk the sheep. Nothing will change, and this is the first of many p2w events to come
  2. Think before you type. According to you, this is the logic NCSOFT uses.....Hey, this guy just spent money on our product, let's ban him, and he cannot do so again in the future. You realize how dumb that sounds?
  3. You're still delusional after all these years. It's been years, and years people have been asking for these things. They never happen, never will happen, and yet here you are still asking. Classic is far from dead btw.
  4. thank you for being more active the last day or so. Hopefully it continues.
  5. Who cares about low level adena bots, when high level bots are in top clans?
  6. Doubtful, a lot of high level bots on TI and giran servers.
  7. So you guys going to start doing something about bot programs now?
  8. Because the game and website are not run be very good people that care about their jobs.
  9. I'm talking about when you tried to relog, and got the message client will be closed. That is when you tried to relog your client, after server was down. You did that, because you had no idea server goes down this day, this time every week, because you're a clown.
  10. Always same day of week (Wednesday) mornings. Down time length varies. If you just started playing game yesterday just quit now. Go read general topics and see all the problems with game. Unless you plan on botting, then feel free to keep playing.
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