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  1. Today all day members of Doom Clan on Elcadia killing me and all my alts like every 10-15 minutes. Without any obvious reason, no war, nothing. I am 80% of the day AFK and 20% playing. I cannot play the game as you NC soft promised to me. If it is a chaotic server is fine, just give me all the money i have spend for goods and items that i cannot use anymore. Server is obviously failed and GMs i guess have other jobs to do. Farm zones are zero players because some1 decided to kill them all. What a failing server. I do not blame the Crazy people. Crazy are c
  2. One person rule them all. Its name Frankie ^^
  3. If you are mount on a pegasus ouside castle and some1 drag you in the air with the skill and you die, you fall fast down from the castle. Like you see anyone fighting brom a broken world. you can see inside the castlel all ppl but you are on the bottom.
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