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  1. I hope so too, but you never know with this muppets.
  2. What about items from OPENED Daily Equipment Kit? Belts, Pendats etc. Will it be deleted too or just unopened kits?
  3. I hope you guys prepared some compensation for this delay.
  4. Not very smart move, from 3 packs per account to 28 per account per event with no breaks. In 2 hours after you post event details L2coin price doubled, this gonna make a gap between F2P players and rich kids even bigger, no point to waste any more time and hard drive space for this trash.
  5. And no free Sayha AGAIN?! This is getting more and more ridiculous with every maintenance. NCsoft you making very bad decisions. And this is just a begging, soon there will be no limits to how many pay shop items you can buy at once, gonna be the same garbage as they made it on RU and EU servers. I strongly encourage everyone to leave to New World.
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