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  1. I did look and Life server on they forums guess what the same think ppl ar complain bad events and wasting money and geting nothing. IS not a guess no more is a fact, is a stratagy and they do it intentionally. Yes u are right Bots owners and addicted ppl will play until they will need to read over and over the facts, and they will wake up coz they will be alone .
  2. I think a fresh Classic with subscription model with out bots can work fine. But i dont think it will happend they dont earn so much per mounth ( i spend 250 euros in 1 month) and 15 euros will be with subscription if u calculete the profit base on acconts is low that way will not happend. But they can make a balance in L2 store for they costumers and the game can be play, but tis robbery cant be acceptable. IF there is a future ofc from now on, i codnt lvl coz of the bots EVRYWERE i did go to see how much are there in the game i so went to evry map on the server to se
  3. I see 2 thing`s here : 1 the events L2shoop ar made for ppl who have bots. We sell store items to them for adena .Coz they have infinit adena and is free the chanse of geting somting is low but is not a problem if adena is free. They can buy if they want for 30bil on a event. And yes they are almost a GM. 2 : The game is designed to be pay and win, is no efort and meritocracy today coz in nothing to work on if the first place ( no crafting, no enchanting scrols nothing drops that u can relate to work,efort and meritocracy) if u wanna play the game like me i need to pa
  4. I didnt pay any atention to the ppl on the forums, This is no classic server haz nothing to do whit old classic. if the plan is to lose plaers that suport by buyng thing from L2 store , insted to get somting they get nothing i hope the bots that are runing around 24/7 will suport u from now on. One month i have on the server and with tis robbery event im done.
  5. So i open 200 Sayha`s Blast Chest and i didnt get nothing good what the point?? If we pay for somting make it be 50 % to drop a good items coz its not free .
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