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  1. PK PK PK And More PK

    So are you intentionally calling everyone in this thread a botter or have you just not thought this through?
  2. Putting large sums of adena and/or high level items on a freshly made account can be seen as "suspicious activity" and trigger a temporary ban. I've never had this happen but I have seen it happen a couple times to others. Contact support and be polite when asking what happened and assuming you're not laundering stuff you'll get your account back. Yelling, insulting, and threatening won't get you far. As for the OP we only have their side...
  3. SpellBooks

    Assuming the person who is running the bots there doesn't PK you constantly....
  4. Lineage 2 : Unchained

    Your "suggestion" of limiting the number of accounts per IP is terrible.... There is no surefire way to limit the number of accounts someone uses. You can at best slow them down. The three clients per machine limit being the most effective for the effort. Otherwise you're going to need people to use a state or federal ID to create an account and employees to double check etc...Which creates a massive amount of potential liability and other problems. To play on a chinese server (the game shall remain anonymous) long (+10 years) ago you needed their version of a social security number and people in the USA were just generating/stealing the number to create accounts to play...
  5. Lineage 2 : Unchained

    IP address is unworkable in the way you intend. It's fairly common for many people to be using the same IP from the perspective of a web/game server. Here's a link that will get you started on why your idea is terrible.https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Network_address_translation Of course I could still get around that by setting up each machine on a proxy since lineage 2 isn't really that sensitive to lag and autohunt is done server side. You can only force people so much because it's just a game and people will just move to a game that is fun. The carrot approach is by far better but is also harder to achieve. Hell the reason I've stuck with this game is because of the old school boxing that I started back in closed beta. If I can't box I'll just move on to a better run better setup game.

    Oh god yes please. At least you can force the sound setting back to mute just by hitting options and apply/close. You don't even have to hit anything else..
  7. Lineage 2 : Unchained

    1 client only lol. That's impossible to enforce. Even if you try to limit one client per machine I have 9 desktops and 1 laptop that can easily play L2 You can buy machines off ebay for $50 that can playing a full screen lineage 2 client with no upgrades.
  8. PK PK PK And More PK

    Good that was an incredibly dumb change (the original chaotic characters no longer dropping anything) that showed a shocking lack of awareness about the game and it's players...
  9. It'll be even more fun once the bot owner starts using gank alts in that level range with +15 weapons so that players who grab the buff will be just as vulnerable as if they didn't even have the buff. They already gank regular players who dare to do the quest without the buff. Since PKers will no longer drop gear they can just overgear a PK alt within 10 levels of those questing there so the buff will be irrelevant...
  10. items database

    Also because it would require ncsoft to actually invest a tiny amount of money into their playbase.... Can't have that when players are nothing more than lemons to them.....
  11. Well Ncsoft's biggest cash cow is the mobile market so I'm not surprised they are trying to pull the same ridiculous price crap here.. Pkers no longer dropping items will kill what's left of this game. There's absolutely no downside to PKing at this point. BUT hey we got a cast time finally on TP... all of two seconds..... yeah totally makes up for everything else or something. Gank alts are already a problem and this just makes it vastly worse. It's now inevitable that the top geared people will start using their gear on their gank alts. I'm done spending money on this game now as it's probably only a matter of time before I can't level because of Pkers running around with +15 weapons and +10 armor and such... The ruins of agony botter is going to love the drop change. Now they can even gank the players who grab the blessing from the GK. Just toss a good ol +10 weapon on a character that is barely within ten levels of the people doing that quest and completely clear house for their bots... Meanwhile the GMs go " " because there are none to deal with these problems..
  12. Disconnects ....

    Well it's not Ncsoft's side of things as I've been connected on all accounts from downtime to downtime straight for a few weeks now. I live a bit south of the datacenter that hosts Lineage 2..
  13. Cloth pieces - are you serious?

    Yup and god help you if you're trying to level a clan up with some friends because getting blood crystals for skills is almost impossible. You have to spend days/weeks watching the markets carefully just so you can buy one or two... My clan has all kinds of CRP but we can't spend any of it because we don't have the blood crystals and since the main place to get them is on lockdown we're left trying to buy leftovers at wildly inflated prices. It's stupid almost as stupid as the cloth problem... EDIT : Anyone actually having any luck getting the blood crystals from the clan arena? It's supposed to drop from the box at some chance but we've not seen one.
  14. Blood Crystals

    The only singular way to get blood crystals is via killing NPCs during the gludio siege. So unless you're a major clan you're screwed... Dumb idea on their part and one of MANY they've had during this "classic"...