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  1. Early closed beta player here and I was just stopping by to see if anything has been fixed. The PK problem was one of the most important things I hoped to see progress on...
  2. Yes per cast BSPS is 3.72x the cost of SS. I don't have a high level wizard on classic but I do see plenty of similarly geared mages hitting for at least 3x the damage per cast that I do per swing. So damage per adena is roughly the same in the end. With one properly geared wizard you can kill at a much faster rate than my melee party does AND your wizard doesn't have to move unless you're soloing a large room which I've seen quite a bit and my group can't do. Meanwhile my tank alone uses a bit over 103k shots a day. My DPS uses at least 400k shots a day to kill at a slower rate than your wiza
  3. The last major "content" update damned near made me quit the game and you want more?
  4. Where are you leveling? I'm in a low 80s area and raw adena is covering the costs of my DPS using shots (no buffers/healers using shots). Granted I'm not going to be able to buy any gear upgrades but at least my shots are self sustaining...
  5. Wow 10 per pc is more than I would do. Personally I would go back to a limit of 5 per PC. Lines up nicely with the nclauncher's 5 account memory. A limit of 3 clients per PC is probably too strict.
  6. Last I saw the majority of NcSoft's income is coming in from their mobile games. The PC game income is a tiny fraction in comparison. That's probably why classic got the mobile like UI change and they continue to push monetization. To their credit NcWest has gotten some changes in that help a bit. If you're serious about giving the game a try then the starter packs are well worth the minor investment in NcCoins. Just consider the NcCoin purchase as a buy in for the game.
  7. Because you haven't cleaned your machine in ages? Fan(s) broke? Restricted airflow in and around the machine? Unusually high ambient temperatures? My small form factor business machines don't even run that hot. hell I can run furmark and prime95 at the same time and not reach that temp range.
  8. Your understanding of economic theory is basically nonexistent as evidenced by the ignorance in that simple quote. Please keep your uninformed beefs to a relevant forum and focus on the game here. @Fantasmic1 This statement right here is all you need to know about the current state of the game. To the above person blowing $100 on a chance to get one decent item is totally fair and within the realm of the classic experience. Of course this repeats every other month so you end up paying more a year for 1 account than I did for 3 accounts during the real classic era. To keep VIP 10 y
  9. Removing autohunting would do nothing as those are bots in ROA and other areas. You would just screw over the few legit players left in this game.... Autohunt is nowhere near as effective as a bot. You can autohunt until level 80 assuming you don't get harassed in ways that wouldn't effect a bot.
  10. Server time zones are listed on the server select screen. Chroonos GMT-2 Naia GMT+1 Giran GMT+1 Talking Island GMT-5 GMT information in the link below https://www.timeanddate.com/time/zones/gmt
  11. Ouch Australia means most game servers are geographically far from you so you're at the mercy of the few backbone connections that exit Australia. Also your government filters the internet which adds some problems for connections. In contrast I live a bit south of the data center here in Texas and I haven't had a D/C in a while. Not since the servers had some issues a while back. You can try to tracert to find the hop where things are going south. Depending on what hop is flaking on you there might be a possibility for you to avoid it.
  12. Probably not considering it's not the server. How far are you watching the packets?
  13. So much end game content? LoL like the one castle we have? The few higher level RBs that are killed within minutes of spawning? The leveling areas that require you to be in full OEed S grade? Right now the only end game content is botting or autohunting for 164 or so hours a week in areas you're over leveled for... Funny I have over a hundred thousand or so curse bones that just won't sell for 50a each...
  14. Well then kill the not super high xp mobs and get decent xp along with adena.. Problem solved. Joe Exotic is an abusive POS that deserved to go out of business. So don't expect any sympathy comparing yourself to him. The other two posts covered the possible causes for no adena drops.
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