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  1. 2nd chat window

    Yes it was removed as a game design decision. NcSoft has been removing game content for a while so it's not a surprise they would start removing chat windows and other useful aspects of the UI too. Can't have people having fun or a usable UI can we?
  2. Improvement for the server

    The naivete is cute. Could you give us a hint what "joining the servers" is even supposed to mean? You can try to limit the accounts to 1 per PC but you will never succeed. Not without making the game basically unplayable for everyone. I played from day one of classic up until looping macros with 9 PCs of which 6 were small form factor business machines I bought for $50-70 delivered off ebay. I controlled them via USB numkey pads which you can get cheap off amazon. Want to get a population going? Well basically it's too late as NcSoft as dcked every opportunity for this game to grow. NcSoft (korea) is far too interested in short term quarterly income to care about the long term health of their games. This has been the standard for the company for a very long time. With their current addiction to mobile gaming It'll only get worse for the PC side of things. That's why I refuse to buy any NcSoft game and I only play L2 because of the nostalgia. If they put some real effort into banning the obvious bot farms like in RoA and made it so live players had a means to upgrade their gear via in game work then maybe the game would start to grow some. Maybe change the 8x stuff to not two shot my doom wearing tank etc..This version of classic is a shell of what real classic was. Most of the content that existed during the real classic era has been removed. Things that gave the "little" people something to do like Fortresses, the manor system, or the Ancient adena seven sign stuff. Pets were a thing that sucked up hours upon hours of my time in classic but those were removed too (would also allow solo players to level successfully). They even removed soul crystal leveling thus removing another source of income for the "little people".. Now the final insults came in the latest patch where they tried to make classic into a mobile game for no apparent reason. The last of the people I have been playing with quit leaving me to watch xp bars very very slowly creep up while deleting stacks of drops that are now utterly worthless. I have two accounts dedicated to just vending and despite that constant effort I sold very few mats to players. I ended up selling the mats to the NPC the day before the patch. I sold about 200m in coal, cokes, suede, metallic fiber, ore, etc. talking like 300k stems alone. All that because no one was buying materials prior to the change and no one is buying now. My guess is because recipes are stupid rare and since A grade is ridiculously expensive to unseal no one wants to craft them... Anyway I'm on a a bit of a rant right now because I'm still salty from the stupidity of the last patch. I'm not sure if I'm going to keep playing at this rate as there's really no point because I know the next changes will just make everything worse as history repeats itself with Ncsoft.
  3. how to multibox?

    Because it's been part of the game for +16 years? Because they can't stop it even if they wanted to?
  4. Multiboxing - Randomly Disconnects only ONE of characters

    It's either your connection or a hop between you and the servers. I suffered from a similar problem with one character dropping etc as stated here. The cause was some faulty equipment that would cause packets to randomly drop. Once my ISP replaced the equipment I no longer suffered from random packet loss and I have been able to stay connected 24/7 since. You should do some tracerts and ping -t to see where you're losing packets. OP's problem got worse with more accounts on because his connection was already struggling with one client. BTW I live a bit south of the datacenter where the server's are housed and I have no issues with 20 clients running 24/7. Granted post nerfs and stupidity that number has gone down some as i"m definitely less committed to this game. Still no problems staying connected.
  5. Intentional "game balance decision". Balance in what way? I dunno maybe the non botters were doing too well and we needed to be smacked down. I'd love to hear some of the justifications and reasoning behind these "game balance decisions" they made in this last "patch".. Personally I would of preferred they just removed all the drops so I don't have useless junk clogging my bags which are tedious to delete. Cause no one is buying the mats because no one is crafting. A grade crafting is silly expensive and getting it unsealed adds a tremendous expense on top so everyone is just sitting on B grade (with a few exceptions) while the major botters are rolling A grade. I heard they added S grade into the game but I wouldn't know because I can't even afford an A grade item.... The dwarf class serves no purpose now and should be removed or revamped into a pure DPS class. None of the "perks" for having a dwarf in party that existed prior made it through the "game balance decisions" we've seen over the last year. Leaving the dwarf classes as nothing more than an inferior dps.
  6. Small bug

    Just using them will stop a character that was moving towards a far off left click.
  7. Botting?

    LOL at warden and Blizzard's failed attempts at stopping bots with automated systems. AI is getting pretty good at doing a variety of tasks but they have limitations. "Scripts" for chugging CP pots and radar were the big PVP things I'm not aware of anyone actually using a bot to pvp as bots are pretty dumb when it comes to target selection in such a scenario. Sony Microsoft and valve have spent quite a lot of time and money trying to build AI systems to catch cheaters and while they have made progress the technology is still very limited in it's abilities. Used to be able to use the skill once click the ground and then the macro would auto cast in that same spot every loop. It's been several years since I played on live so I'm not sure if it's still possible. if you play with it a bit I bet you'll find out.
  8. Bring back SpiritShots for the poor mages

    Lol that's news to me. When playing classic lineage 2 almost 16 years ago I had no problem affording shots and upgrades while leveling. This is supposed to be "classic" lineage 2 and classically shots were affordable and even required for normal leveling. To try to claim they were for PVP only is to try to rewrite 16 years of history that stands contrary to your assertions... oooh wait you're making a parody post my bad that punch line at the end kind of gave me a chuckle thanks. Oh don't worry I'm sure they'll unify spirit shots and soul shots into just "shots" that require 100 adena per swing. Maybe they'll just straight up charge us adena per swing and do away with shots in general as a game balance decision. I'd still like to be able to change my dwarf's class to something useful...
  9. Macro-loop was not implemented correctly

    AUtohunt doesn't exactly take priority over macros. While autohunt does try to attack while the buff macro is cycling it doesn't interrupt the macro and all the buffs and delay will occur. If you want to select targets without moving then you do what you had to do prior to autohunt being added to the game. I grinded for a few years on live with just looping macros. I didn't realize you could use macros with autohunt like that for at least a month after autohunt was introduced. My parties were running fine prior and I never needed to do what you're doing. Your clarification helped greatly for me to understand what you were talking about.
  10. Bugs in new update

    Hey can you ask the devs to add a check box or option to turn off looting of mats and other worthless crap? Litterly 99.999% of drops are now absolutely worthless and are just clogging my inventory. It's annoying to have to throw this crap away because I don't want to miss out on that 0.005% weapon or armor drop chance... Kind of super glad to hear that major parts of my "new" UI rant was just the result of mere incompetence on the developer's part and not intentional design decisions. On the flip side this is an extremely bad sign as I discovered these problems within 20 second of logging into the game. Either they are doing no QC at all or they just don't care..
  11. So there is no way to get into the game?

    Your options can be classified under two headings bannable and not bannable. For non bannable options. You can try legal RMT by buying NcCoins to sell NcCoin shop items for adena. Be careful as people will try to scam you. Setup a macro loop party using summoners for DPS and no shots ???? Bannable options include Buying adena RMT style Boxing up parties with summoners in mass numbers. Be aware that RoA on giran and TI has been claimed by the same botter for at least 6 months now and he will PK your parties. A third option is to play a game with a developer that isn't greedy/clueless. Good luck
  12. Macro-loop was not implemented correctly

    I'm using autohunt with looping macros fine. Just hit autohunt then right click the macro. Buff macros with delay can get kind of wonky with autohunt but it works still.
  13. Bring back SpiritShots for the poor mages

    Of course and I doubt any of them actually play the game based off their horrible UI "update"... They would probably be surprised to learn that buffers used the spirit shots. Heck at low levels I used spirit shots on anything I nuked with because it was by far more cost effective most of the time. It's the only thing new players to the game could hope to afford and that was when drops were actually worth something even if that worth was only a little... I love how their intentional design choices for "balance" have led to a state of the game where playing a dwarf class of any kind is a bad idea and the botters/cheaters prevail... EDIT : Did you get a chance to ask them to add back in vital game play aspects of the UI like the ability to see debuffs on your target? Or maybe right click on name to block? or increasing the thickness of the CP bar beyond a couple pixels so it's actually useful for seeing in combat? Frankly the UI is so terrible I'd rather they revert to the prior one or at least what Live has. I would love to hear their explanation for removing/breaking such basic aspects of the UI. Is the goal to push people to live or to push classic into a crappy mobile game?
  14. So there is no way to get into the game?

    1. Yup no starter weapon only a set of generic duals and the hope you find something useful. 2. Yup you're screwed trying to support yourself as a newbie player. In real classic you could afford shorts and upgrades as you leveled but not in this classic. You just joined at a bad time too as the last patch just killed your only hope as a newbie to make money. What I mean by that is almost all the drops for you as a newbie are now completely worthless. Litterly anything other than weapon/armor and scroll drops now have absolutely no value. I do wish I had an option to just not loot mat drops because they aren't even worth my time to throw away.... 3. RoA is absolutely packed and sometimes the botter gets overly protective of their spots via magnus based Pkers. Get the blessing of protection from the gatekeeper and try to find a slow spot off in the corners or up hills etc. Just take a good run around there are some spawns out of the way that can be missed. Getting that quest done can be a real nightmare though without someone to PK the bots their protectors out.. 4. B is basically the highest viable tier right now thanks to the astronomical costs of clothes required to unseal A grade items. So people are over upgrading B to try to compensate. There has always been some C grade sets that are useful even at high levels. D and NG are effectively nonexistent now. Tyrant will chew through shots so I'm not sure if you'll ever be able to afford to use them with the current game settings. You might want to consider making a second account for a buffer so leveling isn't quite so painful. People seem to prefer prophet and blade dancer as buffers for "soloing". PP for buffs/heal BD for dps more buffs and eventually the vampiric song.
  15. So no macro?

    Oh man and for some reason sitting is like high grade aggro in this game...