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  1. My my my look at all those places to level and do things (forts).... Every time I look at the real classic era (a vague and wide encompassing time period) stuff it just reminds me of how little we have to do now. Not to mention the outright regression in quality of life as a player...
  2. 16th Request Anniversary extension

    Anyone who wants to spend a little time can see you're full of crap. If the server was "full" of +16 weapons and +10 armor you would find many for sale in giran and on the shop history site. Neither are true... Are you upset that the non botting non RMTing non Whaling "peasants" are catching up to you with gear thanks to this event?
  3. Mage weapons have always been overpriced. This event had nothing to do with it. I can't speak for others but my main group hasn't seen a single mage weapon since at least C grade despite finding many MANY top grade every other kind of weapon. As for the 1-80 in four weeks not everyone is botting or blowing real world money to get power leveled.
  4. Yeah his argument was basically "I'm not dealing with that crap into the 70s". "that crap" being masses of bots blocking his ability to advance in game. I tried to tell him it was better at higher levels but he didn't care or was too nice to say he didn't believe me.
  5. On Giran it's nearly impossible to get the ROA newbie quest done. There are at least three clans worth of bots there running 24/7 with two light elf summoners on each spot spamming away. They so badly need to roll through there and do some mass banning it's ridiculous. I finally got a friend to give the game a try and he was unable to complete his ROA quest and he noped right out of the game at that point. Can't blame him as litterly 30 minutes into his first time playing the game he reached an impossible to complete quest that is an important part of his newbie chain. ,.. Remove the adena completely from that area and let the newbies get their quests done.
  6. Chant of movement has always been 40 minutes.
  7. Please read.

    I learned to play that on the bass because I loved it so much. I still pop into dion with sound on occasionally just to experience it. There's a whole lot of stuff missing from real classic...
  8. That was covered here in the OP Lol slightly increased. wonder if that'll even be enough to start using shots on a third character or not....
  9. Adena in TOI 3

    Yeah the game doesn't care where the party members are. You can be completely across the map and you'll still stop drops if there's a character spread of 25. It also makes trading annoying if you run to town while the rest of your party is still killing.
  10. what about the lag and login problem?

    Been running fine no lag at all here in Texas. So the server itself is doing fine.
  11. Aden mini game

    RNG.. Some days it's good some days it's bad.
  12. Indeed my main group has a ghost sentinel and I've only had the problem in the scenarios I listed prior. My SR and HE are the same albeit a lot lower level. There's something wrong with a macro he's using or a skill is being auto used that is melee. My fortune seeker will cast spoil when I use autohunt even if I remove everything from the hotkey bars. It'll even spoil when I have spoil on the hotkey bar and it's been deactivated. Spoil is utterly useless and autohunt has problems with sweeping so it's completely worthless to use. I have been forced to make a macro that has /useskill armor crush /attack /pickup on repeat to force it to NOT spoil and to actually loot because auto loot doesn't seem to want to work either. Those are the only times I've experienced weirdness with the autohunt. I cannot repeat the problem even with the macro he listed on my SR.
  13. I've only had that happen when I have a short ranged skill like bleed "activated" for use by autohunt or there's a macro with a short ranged skill being used with autohunt. Bleed doesn't work with bows but it will cause you to run up to the mob with a bow.
  14. Agathion soulstone

    Dude don't give them ideas!!!
  15. Classic Server Maintenance: Wednesday, May 13, 2020

    oh god decreasing the spawn rate in ROA would just make it even more of a nightmare for a newbie to get through the quests. Removing adena drop from there and giving usable items as rewards for part of the quest would be far better. Items that have no value in the NPC shop but useful for a newbie leveling would be ideal. As it is now the bots seem to delevel and then rock ROA over and over.