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    Well what server you play on certainly matters as some are vastly more populated than others. My experience on my server is that the lower level areas have few gankers. They tend to stick to the areas that have concentrated numbers of targets like OB/AC/FT/cruma/etc. The real problem came on in the 70s when I started running into magnus PKers riding around on their mount critting for silly damage. The blessing will not help you (they tend to be around 77 for magnus). Being above their level matters only in that you have a little more time to try to escape. Because you're not going to chase down a summoner that is on a mount 2000 distance away while their pet is just smashing you. I'm glad you're enjoying the game and the experience. The game certainly needs fresh blood. So I don't mean to come across as mean or condescending when I say that level 35 is just the beginning of the experience in this game. You will see things very differently as you level up and gain experiences in this game.

    I like that your solution is to level up another character to higher level then I am so I can level up to a higher level than I am while dealing with PKers every 30 minutes. The PKer doesn't even need a party return as all they have to do is click once to vanish instantly to safety. If they want to be cheap then they can just teleport to a low pop area then scroll. EDIT : I also don't consider "wait for more pay to win so you can resist those magnus better" to be a viable solution.
  3. Pk everywhere cant even farm An hour

    Oh my god we actually agree on something. I would absolutely love your changes. It's just stupid/unfair/unbalanced that Summoners are the only class that can apply DPS while mounted. No one should be able to DPS while riding away on a mount.
  4. Admin's wake up

    I'm not really sure what you're trying to claim here. I can run over 6 lineage 2 game clients on a $70 (USD) machine I bought off ebay. So it's not like running a few stores in game means you cannot play the game or others. There's a glut of intel/amd machines in china because a lot of desktops/laptops end up there to be "recycled". So if I lived in china a room full of boxes to run whatever would be fairly cheap. There's a few videos on youtube showing some of these bot farms in operation. I wouldn't be surprised at all if some or most of the gold seller spam are from scammers looking for CC numbers to steal from.
  5. PK characters

    Yeah this is going to kill the game and ncsoft won't even care because they are too busy trying to move into the mobile market for even more sweet RMT $$$$... This was obvious too if you paid any attention to the EU classic servers where a specific group of people have taken over the higher level areas with PKs to charge people for the ability to level. There are too many vastly superior games out there for Ncsoft to pull their usual bullcrap here and survive like they have in the past.
  6. Pk everywhere cant even farm An hour

    Yes it's part of the game and it's outright stupid. People have a right to complain on the forums about something broken in the game even if it is "part of the game"..
  7. pk and why they teleport wile in combat

    Yes and there were downsides to PKing that were also an integral part of the game. THose downsides are non existent right now.
  8. Staff r u listen the player?

    Removing teleport in combat would be a massive change. Suddenly you can chase down a PKer and kill them instead of them instantly disappearing. There would actually be somewhat of a risk when PKing. While not nearly as much as a risk as in the real classic era it's still better then what we have now.

    I usually agree with you but you're dead wrong with this post. PK was an integral part of the game when summons had much shorter ranges and their attacks did a fraction of the damage they do now. PK was an integral part of the game when the only means of teleporting was via skill or scroll scroll usage or by clicking a gatekeeper IN TOWN. Now PKs can instantly teleport out of trouble to any teleport destination on the map. It's utterly broken and nothing like how the classic experience was. A Now tell me how to adapt to that?
  10. Scroll de exp 100 millons

    Probably because being level 70 something with mid level 50s skills (and c grade) makes the game more difficult. Personally I wanted to hold them so I could recover from XP loss in PVP or PVE. The lack of SP was the problem...
  11. Scroll de exp 100 millons

    My favorite part is how they deleted all the box stuff too and they didn't even mention that. They did say the scrolls were going to be deleted.
  12. You are killing the server

    Well a big part of the problem with the EU servers are the PKers who gate content by requiring you to pay them money so they leave you alone....We're heading that way already on these servers as some summoner Pker's are clearing areas for their clan or money. It's only going to get worse as more people get their pony PKers online. There is litterly no downside for a pony PKer right now. Mount up use your summon to kill someone well out of their range and if someone does happen to get remotely near just one click removes all danger as you instantly teleport to town. It's stupid broken and I have no idea what the fck is wrong with ncwest and ncsoft for allowing this. That kind of crap WILL make me quit the game permanently as there are just too many better options out there now for pvp and pve. I'm only sticking around at this point because of some friends and nostalgia....
  13. We want the real classic back

    First off Ncwest is not dealing in RMT that's just absurd. It's incredibly illegal and a mega corporation like NCsoft isn't going to let a subsidiary (ncwest) risk the future of the company for a pittance of money. What you're describing is extremely illegal and the US government along with the Korean would come down hard on NcSoft for such activity. The bots have gotten ridiculous I agree but the bot report button was basically useless anyway. People were spamming it on key enemies during PVP and regular players like me were dealing with multiple captchas a day while playing legit. With the newer features of auto-hunt and repeating macros the button became just a griefing tool. It never elicited anything beyond a captcha anyway. If you wanted to report a bot you need(ed) to do so via a petition. Even if clients were limited to two per machine I would still rock my 9 accounts as I have 10 computers at my disposal Six of them are i5 machines which I acquired for roughly $300 total. Plenty powerful to run two accounts. If there were more viable areas to level then the bots wouldn't be quite as annoying as you could just go somewhere else. As it is now there are whole areas of the game that are empty because leveling there isn't remotely profitable, too difficult, and/or perma reds are constantly running through. Well not really running so much as riding a mount while their pony one or two shots everyone +1000 distance away. Even if someone does manage to start to catch up to the PK they are one click away from instant safety.. It's stupid and so broken that I can't even figure out why NCsoft thinks it's a great idea.
  14. Multi Boxing

    Yeah there appears to be no limit still as I was able to log in 9 accounts on my secondary machine.
  15. Multi Boxing

    If there is a limit currently then it's more than five as I just logged five clients into one of my machines. I didn't want to interrupt my farming to test more clients.