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  1. So as a lvl 40+ character and with real life dilemmas like bills, work, fitness health, and family. I face the problem of the game being too time consuming because instead of progressing and supporting myself as my main i have to lvl my main and then also farm OB so i can continue to progress my main. just saying but damn it's time consuming asf! still patiently waiting for a fix or a change so that i can use my main to lvl progress and then kinda just use my alts/spoilers if needed for mats to my leisure. It becomes difficult when its a needed essential instead of using my spoiler/alt for the
  2. Hi Friends! I recently reached 40+ but since im broke af and the mobs i kill only drop 100-300 adena Im about to D-lvl my ass and return my broke ass back to OB!!!! "Lets-a-GO" catch me at OB doe! if you feeling broke af d-lvl and return to OB as well so we can fight for the tiny camp spots 8D......<3 Orc Barracks Forever <3 Never leaving this place again
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