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  1. @Kurisu I hope they are aware that ppl quit in hundreds right now, and they might also be aware that those ppl still read the patch notes from time to time, so they might return if there are positive changes. Think pk system is the biggest struggle for <85 lvl, in other words for majority of players, due to constant abuses. I'm pretty sure that not that many ppl will continue playing if they get killed every day, multiple times a day for months by all the same players. just 2c
  2. read the season 2 pass notes, you will notice smth.
  3. Suggestions: scrolls and consumables in general should be under free tier rewards. Paid pass rewards can come less often, but should be way more meaningful, 1st pass was a good one. Cursed Enchant Scroll might come as a 5th card of the page reward, Blessed Enchant Scroll might come as a 10th card of the page reward, something like that. Gloves of Silence might be a final reward, or a Special Armor Ticket. Some examples/comments about current rewards. Consumables numbers should be reviewed, getting 3 atk scrolls every 10 pages (24k mobs) equals to no reward at all (same applies to most of
  4. good thing is, it seems like they listen to our feedback, even though the outcome might be worse than one would expect... and instead of adjusting 2,400 mobs per 1 reward card to let's say 1,000, they've cut 8 pages of rewards (seems like the best 8, besides Eva lvl 4). the rewards are terrible in general (Eva 4 is very good for f2p completion though), getting the pass for 1 account only (just to get a specific top a weapon, cause I still have 2 coupons from the previous pass), they will see how much ppl will purchase this one and make some conclusion I hope.
  5. I can't create a topic in bugs, if somebody can - please do. This guy needs some serious investigation @Juji @Hime @Sunshine Long story short, that person has already got Zaken's Earring, Secret Book Box and Baium's Ring from the event. What are the odds? Oh, forget the question, it is not possible in principle according to probability theory. Your event was manipulated.
  6. Last event on Blackbird didn't even have 3x 3-star boxes, only 2, the 3rd one is bugged for good. Think it won't fix itself. Funny thing is... my alt has actually won this 3rd bugged box in the previous round, it contained 300 potions, could've given me a better reward for bugging it lol.
  7. @Juji @Hime @Sunshine Works as intended guys?
  8. Is it for North American players on a North American server or what? - One event period never happened due to the maintenance started at 7am EST, and the event was supposed to kick in at 6am EST. - The event kicks in at 3 different times throughout the day, or should I say night? I.e. 6am EST (3am PST), 9am EST (6am PST), 2pm EST (11am PST). How many NA folks are able to participate during those times? - The event lasts for exactly 1 minute, then it closes, most ppl who managed to participate are not able to use their keys, because it is simply a click click click until 3x 3 st
  9. And who exactly cares about YOU? When YOU finish it? What YOU play? What YOU have seen? Complaint was raised, because the New Year Gift is usable only by ~80 players on each server, that affects EVERYBODY, but YOU and those ~80 players on each server. Hope it is clear now, and hope you start thinking about things outside your tiny shell.
  10. They have to manually pick-up all the loot left by the Arbalests, don't blame them. My forum account was silently unbanned (even though that silent ban was weird, since I could answer in some topics still), so yay... anyway. On the serious note, there's a resouce/memory leak on the client (if you keep it running for quite some time you will see that visual effects create micro-freezes when your magic/arrows/weapons connect with the mobs), probably the server part too, so that's why and potentially some DB clean-up for real, because restarting the server would take a couple of minutes, n
  11. Diem

    Crafting Bug

    Please read this about random craft https://www.lineage2.com/news/aden-launch-patch-notes Ctrl + F (Find): How to Random Craft There's also in-game help section, but the info is scarse: System Menu or X -> Help -> Item Info -> Random Crafting
  12. Somebody please repost this to random craft bug section since I can't answer there nor create any topics: Please read this about random craft https://www.lineage2.com/news/aden-launch-patch-notes Ctrl + F (Find): How to Random Craft There's also in-game help section, but the info is scarse: System Menu or X -> Help -> Item Info -> Random Crafting
  13. They've deactivated my forum account, seems like they don't want to hear about bugs, issues, or adjust something. They prefer a silent forum, zero issues, everything goes smoothly, critics is not accepted.
  14. Diem

    Crafting Bug

    Try locking epic jewelry next time. Locking is for items you want to STAY, the items you WANT TO GET.
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