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    hello guys, after a long time away from l2, i decide to start again, in my few free hours a solo SWS with pp 41/40 lvls with gear, but low activity lf clan/party to spend some relaxing hours in the week, friendly and social, mostly pve, farm. language Greek and english, Giran server send pm in Idis for more info. TY a lot
  2. hello guys i came back after a long time, last time when i play was about 3 years, and i want to ask who is the best summoner for solo xp cose my time is too low and most of times i cant find party when i want to play! i play mostly pve!
  3. Hi i am Bishop 40 lvl C gear and lf xp party, the problem is that my activity is morning hours 10:30- 15:00 GTM+1 Greece time except Tuesday(some times) and Wednesday(every week for sure) who i can all the day. PM if you need healer "AloneWolf"
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