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  1. Just because you don't have any standards and can't stand up for yourself doesn't mean everyone will be that submissive. Thankfully people are better than that or the world would be a much worse place. This isn't even a controversy. When the patch notes and timer say you have 4 HOURS to turn in event items a REASONABLE person would expect 4 hours to do so.
  2. In 30 years of gaming this current event is hands down the worst I have ever seen. From the false advertising to needless turn in time frames, to not meeting time zone standards, to the fact you have to spam click and hope you get some reward (last turn in I didn't know what was going on and it only lasted a few minutes which I barely got anything). These responses are NOT just opinions or people trying to be negative. They are stating core facts that OTHER companies even Indie and P2W and notoriously bad companies don't even do this. I mean seriously what's next? Events where only
  3. That is true, but isn't the history essentially using these same business practices for over an entire decade now? I think the only entertainment is to see how low and egregious a company can be. In the past companies have released P2W, Poor Content, Faulty Products, Gotchas's, No notice shut downs, and now NFT's. I have all that, what I come here for is to look into the future on what the next scam will be. Turns you can just ruin what are supposed to be beneficial events. With things like applying high costs to RNG (prior event) which newer players often won't be able to afford
  4. Do you really believe that? I tried to start playing again, but all this event tells me if leave this sinking ship. WHY should I ever play this game? The ONLY positive thing I get out of it is more appreciation for OTHER game companies.
  5. Yes this event is an absolute disgrace. I could not list a single company out of 1,000's that does a worse job at literally everything. NCSoft dares it's customers to quit and spits in their face on a regular basis. It's a shame the industry is so bad that recently released games don't even function so there isn't much available on the market. While this is a major failure by the company that in OTHER companies would have been fixed immediately it's also the communities fault. Anyone paying for this game is STILL giving the company a green light to never change or care.
  6. That common faulty narrative by many companies is always immediately dismantled by intelligence. I have witnessed companies trying to "make things tougher" on many occasions. While the reality is virtually every single cash shop has THE EXACT OPPOSITE objective. If you want the game to be "more difficult" remove the cash shop benefits.
  7. The solution has been enacted in many newer games. "Buffer" classes simply need to NOT EXIST. There is no real benefit to them and it will always lead to negative aspects. It's also a HUGE RELIEF to just play a single class which is PROPERLY DESIGNED TO BE SELF SUFFICIENT in other games.
  8. There is only one question here. Who is to blame? While those statements are correct it's a two sided street. It's similar to you complaining about a politician committing heinous acts while being paid to do so by a corporation. Of course these actions will continue as long as the revenue stream exists. So HELP break the revenue stream and fix the problem. Advocate it to your friends. Educate and Promote better spending habits. Your words don't matter when they are superseded by actions. If you keep handing me hundred dollar bills and say stop taking my money, well honestly I'
  9. I think the term for this is "you played yoself". If they where foolish enough to buy NCoin don't they kind of get what they deserve? I mean the entire business model is a predatory mess with absolutely no regard for customers or the future of the game. To participate in such a system is to contribute to it and to accept a high level of gambling. It's kind of justice. They wanted to ruin the game experience for everyone else for personal gains, but instead they get dumped on.
  10. If you are weak and just roll over. If you put in no effort. If you simply accept it. Then yes nothing will change because you do nothing to enact or enable that change. However, if you make a stand and put forth effort you can be the catalyst for change.
  11. It's the Internet brah, I know this guy that spent 16 trillion dollars on an item. Regardless of the few historical outliers the fact remains that THEIR REVENUE is dependent on the TOTAL SPENDING not just whales. By Mumbo Jumbo you mean historical proven and recorded facts like the Allods issue Btw if you use an ounce of intelligence you can automatically call BS on claims of spending $100,000. While it certainly has happened, intelligence will supersede it. Intelligence tells you claims that are statistically unlikely and thus you can assume it's a lie and be right probably 9
  12. History demonstrates your information IS NOT CORRECT. Lets objectively test your claim "this will never work". It's poorly stated because ANY single example would automatically ruin your entire premise. However, for the sake of discussion lets PROVE YOU WRONG. In the case of Allods the CUSTOMERS revolted and forced the entire cash shop to lower their prices. In accordance to you this isn't possible. Remember, it will NEVER work. Any other examples of this (there are many) are simply not possible in accordance to you. Thus what can easily be concluded is your statement is fa
  13. WRONG. That answer is not acceptable. While each individual has the right to do as they wish, the CONSEQUENCES of THEIR actions WILL EFFECT EVERYONE. Also /leave is a FAILURE for the person making the purchases. Virtually NO ONE wants to play a dead MMO. Spenders in these predatory games are only acting selfishly for their own personal temporary games. While at the same time destroying their own games and future games. THE MAJORITY of these spenders also regret it later.
  14. That's a fake talking point. Everyone likes to claim "their money doesn't count". It's a way of trying to shift responsibility onto someone else. Even people who spend $1,000's just blame people spending more. That way EVERYONE can shift blame and responsibility onto the top 5 spenders lol. That's simply NOT THE CASE. Everyone contributing ANY amount to such egregious companies is contributing the problem.
  15. Not many games do this in the same manner. It's often used for financial reasons, but the way Lineage II is going about it is just plain wrong. For example in BDO content was drip released so they could do continual updates even though content was already complete or even released in other regions. However, everyone ended up with the same content. Lineage II is actually the ONLY game I have ever seen that runs completely different versions of the game. Aside from minor differences like Signapore/EU/NA/Korean versions being slightly different by region.
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