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  1. Additionally my CPU and GPU seem to only be running at 20-30% and ingame I noticed all my resolution options only say 32-bit next to them? is there no 64support?? Nvidia Settings:
  2. Omg........ reds no longer drop items upon death, just deletes random item???? wow you just blew up the biggest part of your PK system. complete fail. Why cant we vote on these things?
  3. Hello all, I built this pretty beastly gaming PC earlier this summer and havent played L2 in a few years. Thinking that $2,400 would definitely make MAing no issue at all... I logged into L2 Live on Chronos or whatever only to find I have 30-40 fps on high settings with massive drops when rotating camera, and 40-50 fps on average. This seems... totally bleeped and believe there has to be some solution. Ive got latest Nvidia drivers, and am running directX12. any help? heres my PC:
  4. I think it's extremely unprofessional that were less than 24hrs from the launch date and you STILL havent announced a launch time.. wth is wrong with you guys? Get your shit together please. Private servers do a better job
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