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  1. Enchantment ***********

    Something is definitely up. I played Original L2 and it was like C7 before we saw a +16 weapon. +8 was insane...there is some sort of glitch or bug.
  2. Current Issue: Long Server Queue Times

    Great job with this event...did wonders for the queue.... 128 in VIP queue at 1:30pm EST.
  3. Bugged hunting zones.

    There are so many bugged zones. Give not enough XP. Dion hills other than bugbears. All give 100-150 xp at lvls 25 and 26 and should be giving over 1k xp. I just tested windy hills and the spirts there are also giving 150-180xp and are lvl 29 mobs. Here is a screenshot! There are very few areas that are not bugged. With a heavy pop server that means we are forced to all lvl on top of one another. How can a 14 year old game be this broke?https://imgur.com/a/o3iIsiM
  4. Serious problems when trying to log in :( .

    its not a login timer. More than likely a vip member who skips the queue took your spot so the game dumps you out instead of making you next in line.
  5. you do realize the forums are not indicative of those in game. most people who are playing and grinding hardcore are not coming to the forums. The ones that are coming are the ones that are unhappy. now if there was an in game poll. or like when you log in then that would be a bit more objective.
  6. Im just saying. They arent going to wipe the servers. That would bleep off the paying customers and result in massive charge backs.
  7. Dream on, they arent going to wipe because some people cant get in. Anyone who has the $30 package doesnt go into queue and therefore doesnt have the queue bug.
  8. Client will close now

    as long as you have VIP you have no queue. My main is in. Im 0-4 logging in my buffer though...4 times through the 800+ people queue. Maybe 5th time is a charm
  9. Twitch 24/7

    Pretty hopping channel.....
  10. How the hell do I collect my pack. My account shows purchased in account history
  11. Postpone till tomorrow same time ?

    Have you ever played mobile strike?
  12. lol for all we know its a dupe bug they found. Do you really want to launch like that and destroy the economy off the bat?
  13. Streaming the open!

    There are going to be 3 dozen sreams like this lol. Ill add mine to the list https://twitch.tv/IamLegend_x
  14. Pathetic launch

    LOL 14 years later.....