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  1. I’ve seen the pony elves and cat summoners nuke constantly without ever stopping, can someone tell me how this is done or if it’s a macro trick? I can’t seem to figure it out. thanks.
  2. Maybe they will show up one day. Would be a easy addition with little effort.
  3. With L2 wiki on the fritz, does anyone know a good database for drops/spoils that’s at least kinda up to date?
  4. It’s the closest info I can find currently, do you happen to know a better site?
  5. My main Is. Berzerker and I enjoy it a lot, but I was lucky enough to have a se and wc to lv with, I went with heavy armor myself. The extra def did me well, go BW then Maj. and ancient swords are fairly cheap because they are pretty much race specific. Found that out the hard way when I tried it out on my destroyer. And the Archer is good too, not all that versatile but hits hard and you can get your mp back fast when you transform.
  6. L2 wiki has been down a few days now, does anyone know if its coming back or at least a decent site that has a database of drops and spoils?
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