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  1. If the guy wants to use multiple box to sustain his economy, nothing wrong with that. If you are a solo guy, go find a group. Back in the days in beta , players were forced to find groups in Cruma, most parties would grind without soulshots/ S shots. Why is cruma empty now days ?? Every day I farm a whole room for my self while everyone else is begging in the forums for charity.
  2. They do not drop soul Ores and spirit ores, but when time comes around when people need to make their b set. I will have at least 5 million worth in items to sell. You are looking into a immediate investment rather than a long term investment. Either way I still made 1mil+ in my 4 hours of farming. Like I stated earlier is not about the actual (adena rate) is what you can find, sell, and make. If you get involved in the game's market you can be successful. I never recall Original L2 beta being Soulshots/spirit shot sustainable . I remember when I literally had to chose when to use them or not, and that was actually a normal rate. So for those who are complaining about not being able to afford soulshots/spirit shots and claiming they played original BETA, Get out of here with that BS.
  3. NEF this is the FTP model, I played beta as well, that was a p2p version. When players stop comparing both versions, everything will be okay. There are so many ways to make money in this game, its absurd. Players are focusing on the actual adena drop rate when there are better ways to make money. I tell you from my experience man. I farmed Enchanted Valley last night for 4 hours, picked up 9 b grade parts. Now think about it, that is better for me than 100000% increasing adena drop.... I find the material drops are very common in this version of the game and you can make money too if you research what to actually farm and sell. Which is why there is a VIP system to increase the drop rate, this is their way to recompensate for the lack of adena rate. You cant have mobs droping you 30% more mats and actually give you the same adena rate of the other PTP models. It's logical man.
  4. Um who said anything about 1 PC. I use a desktop and a laptop. According to NC EULA, nothing against 3 accounts+ per IP address.
  5. Hahaha bot party ?? Nice try buddy. Just because your pc can't handle 2 clients or are not even talented enough to box, you have no right to call anyone a bot. If you pay close attention, is 3 supports and 1 DD. Alt tab 5 mins, dance, dance, alt tab 20 minutes buff. Why in the world would I risk my accounts ?
  6. 53 PR, 53BD, 49 SWS, 54 PP. Making a killing on enchanted valley atm. Made ton of money in cruma selling mats until level 50. Instead complaining I find my way to survive. You lazy noobs constantly yapping and complaining to NC soft for freebies truly have no place in the game Adios
  7. Here come the tears, I love it !!!! Please for those who intent to quit, mail me all your in game items at character name (Nyana) I do intend to stay.
  8. I'm glad you accept your title of (scrub) If you don't know, dont say. Stop calling out players botter if you have no idea who they are or have any evidence to prove your statement. Getting a +12 wepon is possible. I don't know Bodybuilder personally but i can bouche for him since I've actually seen him do DV train parties with full plate armor. I've yet to witness bots making train parties anywhere. Sooooo go penetrate your self.
  9. Why every Time someone achieves something you never will you call him out a " bot" Just accept there are players better than you. Scrub
  10. The sensitive soulshots topic keeps being brought back. I would like to kindly remind you that soulshots is an optional part of the game. If you decide to level using soulshots and are not making profit, that is how how a true classic L2 was intended. Back in the day there was no such things as automated soul shots. You literraly had to sit there and decide when was a proper situation to use them. Now days you are all spoiled and convinced your self is a mandatory feature.
  11. New OP place to Farm!

    Krators for life úntil they fix adena drop.
  12. Is this a joke ?? " let's do an emergency restart so the hand full of players who are level 60+ can get stronger and level faster" Where is the adena fix?? 99% of the players can't progress because is not even worth leveling . They have to wait until Wednesday for a possible fix...
  13. Scammers

    Mmmm I am sure they already implemented an automatic system that warns you when you are about to purchase an item that greatly differs from shop prices. If you over ride the warning by checking yes.... I don't know what to tell you lol. READ!!!!
  14. [News] Pumpkinface Curse or Candy Event

    Woah!! Bravo NCsoft!! Time to grind
  15. [News] Pumpkinface Curse or Candy Event

    Oh I over looked the 2000 box Anything of any worth besides buff scrolls and leveling stuff?
  16. [News] Pumpkinface Curse or Candy Event

    They added 3 supply box from NCshop one is 80 nc the other one is 600nc the third one hunter is 1200. There is no Information anywhere regardless what each box drops. Has anyone opened any of them ??
  17. New Lineage II Classic Server: Gludio

    I am so glad half of you idiots who are requesting a server transfer are no longer playing in my server. " ncsoft please transfer my level 30+ to the new server so I can get a head start and finally become someone " Seriously use some common sense !!!
  18. Just make it simple.

    You guys keep talking about EU players and why the launch time is inconvenient for them. Let me remind you that this is NA server. Euro is not a priority at all. They are even lucky they are getting a server that accommodate their time zone.
  19. If you guys have any expectations that the server will launch today, you are all out of your minds. It's NCSOFT for Christ sake. Go to sleep, wake up tomorrow and expect more delays.