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  1. 13 hours ago, Hime said:


    • For the connection interruptions experienced last week, all players will receive (1) XP/SP Rune - 50% (7-day) Pack automatically inserted into the highest character on the account's Warehouse. You can use the Dimensional Merchant to move the unopened pack to another character on the server

    Does the rune stacks with the other 50% off the coin shop?? 

  2. Can a GM please answer this question.  I have a couple buddies from third world country who obviously cannot afford to spend RL currency.  They would like to give me adena in exchange for a VIP status, I am considering purchasing a code from Amazon to exchange for adena but I need to know if it violates the rule of conducts.  Thank you

  3. Wth are are you guys talking about?? Players are afraid to PvP because of lost of exp??? If anything delevling is necessary. If you are level 35 to 50, you get 10kk exp from doing 2 quest that literraly take no time. You can die 5 to 10 times a day, pop your scrolls and you are back where you were before.   From 50 to 60 you can still get 7kk per day, 1 death = 1 to 2 scrolls.  Stop spreading false information. If anything is the pk system that needs revision, the amount of karma you get from serving justice to a troll players is unjustified. 

  4. Just now, rangomal said:

    Well but now like 3000 real players left the servers,and this feels bad.They were complaining a lot but they were right about some things as vip 4 being useless or bots everywhere etc.Its a bit more sad that lucky lootboxes are now in store.And they dont even bother to show people what they contain,

    Lineage 2 is not for everyone. They were going to quit anyways regardless of adena adjustments.  Just do a little research and you will find out what it is in the boxes.  You are expecting a huge guide with all this information?? L2 has always been about mystery and luck, that is what the forums are for as well, use it wisely.:D 

  5. 1 hour ago, Alcione said:

    No freedom of movement...if you want to make nos quest, fom quest, aden dungeons and some other farm spot and u need to pay for main + 2 box buffer...need around 300k adena x day only on teleport with the current adena/drop rate? LOL


    Resultado de imagen de wtf is this meme

    that's my face every time I need to use gatekeeper

    You people are so lazy it amazes me.  From giran teleport to death pass, 1500 adena if memory serves me right.  Walk pass the bridge towards oren, 4 minutes top with wind walk use soe.... From oren walk towards TOI, 4 to 5 minutes top, use soe you are in Aden. 10 minutes from giran to Aden, and you people are still complaining,  stop being so god dam lazy!!!! 

  6. 52 minutes ago, Hime said:

    Game servers will be down for maintenance beginning Wednesday, December 5, 2018 at 5am PST / 8am EST / 1400 GMT+1 will be unavailable for approximately 3 hours

    With this maintenance:

    • Standard database maintenance and application restarts will be performed.
    • Fixed an issue where raid loot rights were not reset correctly after a command channel stopped attacking a raid boss
    • Fixed an issue where you could try to accept a completed one-time quest again from an NPC
    • Fixed an issue where interruption skills were able to cancel the casting of a target’s self-buffs
    • Fixed an issue where the hover-over tooltip text in the Learn Skill window (Alt+K) did not properly display skill casting/reuse times with decimal values
    • Fixed an issue where Grey/Yellow Talisman skills could be used on Monsters
    • Changed the number of BOT reports to trigger the BOT Captcha message from 3 to 10
    • Attendance Checklist event continues until January 9, 2019. Log in daily to collect rewards.
    • XP/SP/Adena Quantity/Item Drop +50% Weekend Boost Server settings will start:
      • 12/01 00:00 ~ 12/02 23:59 Server Time
      • 12/08 00:00 ~ 12/09 23:59 Server Time
      • 12/15 00:00 ~ 12/16 23:59 Server Time
      • 12/22 00:00 ~ 12/23 23:59 Server Time
      • 12/29 00:00 ~ 12/30 23:59 Server Time


    If you have any questions about the changes taking place during this maintenance, please feel free to post them on the forums. We also encourage you to follow @LineageIIOps for maintenance and server status updates.

    You guys need to implement some sorta of immunity to players who are out of combat or not attacking or performing an action.  I get captcha on my toon who was simply following me while I was completing his AI quest.  Also there needs to be serious consequences for players who are abusing this feature.   If a player reports another for simply being on autofollow ,  that players needs to be dealt with!!  

  7. 22 minutes ago, leoniums7 said:

    Check every 20 minutes on each client you have running.  I've ran into the same issue. 

    Then dont use ilegal programs.  You have 20 minutes to reply to a captcha. You are trying to say you don't alt tab to your accounts at least once every 20 minutes ??  Suspicious.....

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  8. 31 minutes ago, midnightstar said:
    • SP gain: seen this a lot on forums but it is lower that original where when you lvled up you could buy several skills all the way past lvl 100 from lvl 1.  Problem most people are complaining on here now is you lvl up and might get a single skill, or none at first class transfer. From friends in there late 50s /60s after late 50s is does correct itself at later point and you start not scrimping as hard. But was never this harsh in original classic. This kind of bottlenecks a characters ability to lvl at their lvl unless carried for a while.


    If players would actually level how l2 classic originally intended, that is no XP scroll, then they would have enough SP to purchase all their talents.   Problem is everyone in the forum complaining are a bunch of lazy pansies who log 1 hour every day to do their dailies and expect adena and SP to magically appear.  If you actually grind to your level without using xp scrolls, you wouldn't have an issue with adena or SP, because you would be actually grinding it out.  Nobody likes to grind now days, they spend more time in the forums bixxxxg and whining.  Good luck

  9. 7 minutes ago, Inver said:

    With this rates of adena, botting is the only way to survive. If u play manually @Hime or @Juji are going to punish you. 


    I left the server after the last announcement from @Hime. The only way to enjoy NCWest is to become a bot. I've just started in L2Club and 0 bots. I won't play anymore on BotLand.

    If you "left the server" Why are you still creeping in the forums.  If you leave , leave for good!!  

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  10. 3 hours ago, aYotech said:

    Blazing swamp mobs drop average 380-500 adena.

    Mobs in Ants nest drop average 500-800 

    Don't worry soon they will fix the rates, they will make rates of 1-40 to scale with the 40+, then you are all going to wish you kept your mouth shut.   Take what they give you and make the most out of it. Stop complaining 

  11. 6 hours ago, simpleton1 said:

    Um you should learn english just alittle better and no you are wrong about adena being correct i have been around since open beta and i have never EVERRRRR seen lower lvl mobs give more then mobs 25 lvls higher. You clearly have another agenda your pushing by even trying to say everythings is ok rofl.

    The adena is better on mobs level 20 to 40 because the DEVS upgraded this areas thanks to the cry babies complaining.  Instead of providing gratitude to this fix, what you are all seeking is for them to revert this change, then we will witness rivers getting filled with tears. It's ridiculous how every one complains about what they don't have. Nobody care to mentions how the teleport are free until level 41.  Back in beta the  40 class change alone would cost you 200k in gatekeeper, it's free now.  I also don't understand why is it so difficult to walk from giran to death pass use an soe to oren, teleport to ivory tower, walk to TOI and use SOE.  It takes 10 minutes and 4k adena.  From 40 to 70 there is really no need to go elsewhere rather than giran or Aden. But noooooooo it's better to complain and point out how terrible they are doing their job, always looking for easy way out, begging for charity to NCWest.  Honestly go cry somewhere else, you are ruining this experience for those who are truly enjoying the game. 

  12. 1 hour ago, Djos said:

    @TDG here is a fun fact, i also have an archer lvl40 and i tried, as u suggested, to xp without shots in Deathpass.

    Yeah it's true u earn adena, not much but still.

    However let's face it, unless u aren't farming this way all day long u will lost a big part of those earned adena as soon u'll hit 41 and have to pay gk To go do daily on AI.


    @Eternal care To share solo spots where ×1 mobs drop 350 adena ?

    With pleasure.   In the cementary near Aden there some mobs called orc supply officer , they are x1 fairly easy for archers and melee as they have weak P def. They drop an average of 250-350 adena and tons of base mat drops you can easy resell.   If you solo or have a duo prophet you want to be there.  

  13. On 11/28/2018 at 3:31 PM, JamesSunderland said:

    You doesn't seems to understand the premise, no one ever complained about cruma because cruma is completely fine Drop/Spoil/Adena(close to 1x rates), the true problem lies on the Solo Zones Book Zones (Ivory Tower/Sea of Spores/Alligator Island/Forest of Mirrors) those places are with completely *** rates.

    Wrong, I've tested a bunch of solo areas x1 vs x2 x3 areas.  Cruma gives you 600 to 1200 but it is x4 Most solo areas x1 gives u anywhere from 200 to 350.  If you do some simple math, it makes completely sense.  Mobs that are x1 die quicker and you can farm alone and in quantity, for the rate you kill them it comes up to the same.   The reason you can sustain your supplies in cruma is because you are in a group.  But thay is not even my argument , even in cruma the adena drop it self will barely sustain for your soulshots , EV or any of the other fixed areas, it never will, and never did back in the days. The profit comes from the materials you find and sell. Do your research, farm what is currently on demand and sell it. You will make profit,  lots of it.  Stop focusing on the actual adena rate and this problem will be over.  

  14. 3 hours ago, AllenT said:

    yeah, i'm ok right now with my Necro, making plenty profit at cruma 1 by aoe farming, also selling PoB, chain hood part dropped at cruma 2, EWC... but i'm stop lvling now, stay at 46 for aden daily and lvling my BD,SWS to 4x so they can join my pt to farm at higer lvl places. Just enjoy playing a

    At least someone with common sense.  I am with you man, sat on cruma for over a month. Can't even stress how much adena I made selling key mats.  I'm quite shocked there are more players complaining in the forums rather than farming there.  

  15. 3 minutes ago, Hayate said:

    So if you play with a mage party  or a pole aoe i think you are ok.if you play on a melle or archer party you are done here,you quit or you reroll,that is the fact,rates for spoil and adena are to low and not friendlly for solo players and casual parties,so that is for us my party is leaving goodbye all.

    If you made an archer  or a non AOE  melee as your first server toon, you should have kown better.  

  16. 5 minutes ago, AllenT said:

    Agree, It's just life. We just need to adapt. I can't join CP, i have other works to do, only play when have free time, i cant be there lvling with CP like 3 hours/day at exactly the same time everyday. So that i need boxes for more flexible time playing. Imagine if me play alone as an OL then how to survive ?

    Honestly, if you don't have time to join a CP, which is my case.  I recommend you make a support class, if you can make two and trio. Issue everyone is having is that all the players who main a support class are immediately recruited into  CP leaving the solo players with no much options but to survive lol.   

  17. 2 minutes ago, Paradiz said:

    You completely missed the point i was trying to make.

    So dam tired of players who call out other players because they are satisfied with their farming strategy using multiple boxes.  This game was never intended for 1 guy 1 account 1 character. If you decide to fly that way, deal with the consequences.