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  1. My favorite part of L2 back in the day was the war system. In the past you warred someone and they warred back or they didn't, but if they didn't after x number of days, the war was still forced. This is a pvp community and clan wars suck at present. Please address this, #makeL2PVPgreatagain
  2. LMFAO,...incognito shitting on guilds even when they aren't in the game..so good
  3. Are daggers good early game? Are they good in group pvp AND solo? How fast do they level compared to other classes? Also dark elf is the way to go, correct? Thanks in advance, just trying to gather some more info before launch!
  4. Doesn't the current system allow for less-carebearing and more pvping because you don't lose your items though? Im not saying it's a better system, I completely understand why having big consequences or w/e is cool as well. It's an honest question
  5. Hello, I am looking for a clan or a cp that is hardcore (able to be super active) and is striving to be at the top of the server for PVP. I have some L2 experience playing when GOD came out, but It's been a long time and I will have a lot to learn; however, I am a very fast learner. I have played professional Overwatch in one of the best teams in the world and realm royale. I am available all day every day, and I am most likely looking to play DD, mage or gladi, I can play healer if needed as well, and I am confident I can play healer very well. I would like to play DD though if possible
  6. Just as the title says, what are the best mages for pvp in classic? Also, as a side note, does anyone know how good gladiators are early game? Or is it all just about mage spam early game as far as pvp goes?
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