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  1. Hallo! It is an automated system in place to reduce botting and characters made for RMT announcements. (not very efficient) Many "legit" players were blocked this way, however the support should answer in few days via the given email. In case they do not reply in a week, just send another one.
  2. Selling the highest quality +15% damage Blessed Soulshot B in Aden! Find Ogis!
  3. Warlock is easier to level up, decent to solo later, can efficiently play olympiad and has good partymatching abilities on 77+ to both melee and archer parties. Hawkeye is better for organized PvP if you join a clan later, more fun in general, bust cost a lot on higher levels and cannot tank mobs much. Few corrections to your assessment: Archers now regen HP from ranged damage + skills with VR buff too You can always use a VR stew on Warlock instead of running with an SE Since you are planning to be solo player with boxes for now, I recommend Warlock.
  4. I am clearly biased but I believe what I am going to write makes sense. As the leader of one of the major alliances on the most populated server I say that the server is broken. Bots are swarming everywhere, fine. We accepted the "Terms of Service" when we joined. There are bugs like 76+ mobs in starting town, raids are on location from a different game/patch/update - hmm, fine, eventually will be fixed. Real zaken died twice within 3 hours, killed by.. 4 parties? Happens. 5 Magnus ponies AoE-ing entire CCs with instant resummon, as intended. Last week we
  5. For spellbooks I recommend our little tool: https://tinyurl.com/VV-Spellbook-finder
  6. Here is a smart tool that can help you with the endless spellbook farm. Find the location, the mob, optimize your leveling! MrScubba's Spellbook Finder
  7. Calling CP and Clan Leaders! VaeVictis clan is successfully running raid CCs in the evenings, involving hundreds of players. You can join the party by registering your group/clan here: Join the discord channel: -= VaeVictis =- <--- click on this Go to the Raid Bosses channel Follow the link and fill in the form Starting times, rules and CCs are announced on discord / ingame. == ATTENTION == To avoid problems, drop share issues we cannot take individuals, do not reg as solo player. == ATTENTION == Only registered leaders will take part i
  8. Raids are being killed. Contact MrScubba from VaeVictis clan for the participation rules.
  9. Was trying to add VIP to my boxes, but every attempt (~10 times during last ~32h on 2 accounts) ended up with: ERROR Your purchase could not be completed at this time. Please contact Support for assistance. Error: PGP99150 Please get this fixed asap as the server is virtually unreachable without VIP status.
  10. Good for you, I cannot even buy the coins, getting error message on the website all the time.
  11. Pretty sure you will just get an error message that you reached the limit.
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