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  1. Hahahaha, nice a simple solution for this game!! +1
  2. What spiders did you kill? Thanks in advance
  3. Agree. Adena rate its wrong, i dont care about the exp rate in fact seems good to me... but adena and drop rate its another history... please NCsoft listen to us i played lineage 2 14 years ago and i didnt remenber it was that hard to farm adena or drop items... this should be fixed soon. Thank you
  4. If you want an easy game go play aion... L2 its for real mans
  5. Aika

    my ncoin

    Pleasee what happend with our ncoins!! Almost 14hrs waiting
  6. Same... im still waiting for my NC Coins...
  7. Guys im having trouble getting the quest items for this quest... anyone completed this Quest? I don't know if quest is bugged or drop rate irs extremely low.
  8. LOOOOL i will die if i eat all that food!! hahahah
  9. Hello guys, can prestige pack stack to chronicle pack at drop increase rate?
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