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  1. they should put the books back the way they were before, dropping mobs,today to put a skill +30 is impossible around 700 billion, when many people did it for 30 how do they want to incentivize new players and make the server more fun if something so basic to advance the majority cant have them forgotten event or drop from mobs
  2. hello this thread is to improve the server and I hope it has the support of the people. We are all aware that the l2 is a game of many years and especially very expensive to progress. this last event had better reward rates than ncsoft usually offers, that's a good start because it gives a lot of people the chance to get things that are impossible . they should keep increasing the reward rate of events. the population of the server was at one of its lowest points in the last months, many people who stopped playing came back to try to get something in the event with the possibility of g
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