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  1. Hime, I hope you and the rest of your company understand that the Adena drops are a real problem for everyone right now. I am half way through level 31 and have been saving all of my Adena. I have barely made 100k Adena at this point and that is with a spoiler in my party. I definately feel like I should have been able to purchase a top no grade weapon like the Falchion at the very least by now. The economy has been effected greatly to the point where there are 200 people selling items cheaper than the shops, but no one buying anything simply because no one has enough Adena. Even those like me
  2. Level 21 eleven knight looking for clan and constant party. Will become sword singer. This is my main so I will be support for your group. Hit me up if you have a spot. Message me here preferred but ign is Reagent. I'm on the tiny island server.
  3. I'm in the same boat, every one makes it sound like multi box is a must. I don't feel like that is the way this game was intended to be played but somehow is what it evolved in to. I should just be able to log in and find a party that needs my class and start grinding right? I don't want to play solo at all, I want to find a party, join up, and start grinding. But any time you say that you do not want to multi box, everyone immediately starts shouting "oh you'll definitely atleast want to dual box" "you can not solo this game you will quit", but just because we say we don't want to multibox, d
  4. I spent 25$ on Nccoin and it doesn't even show up in my transactions on my account and I don't have my coin yet It wasn't even my first time purchasing. Nothing in my email about it either but its showing up on my bank account.
  5. I don't want to solo, I want to play in groups, I just do not want to dual box is all.
  6. I plan on playing one of the ISS support classes so that I can help others, hopefully it will be enough that I will always be able to find a group. And if I wanted an easy mmo I would just go play wow or something. I just need to find a decent group of players to game with.
  7. This sounds like decent advice. Do you have any idea on how I should go about finding a clan to level with?
  8. As a new player who has never played Lineage II before and is taking advantage of this classic server as a way to get into the game and start fresh with everyone else, I want to ask you guys, is it okay to play solo with one account? I see a majority of people talking about having 3 accounts or boxing and I have no idea what they are talking about. Is there something I should know about the way people play Lineage before going into this? I was really hoping this would be a good fresh mmo experience for me where I could have a main and not have to worry about having alts or different accounts.
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