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  1. what a clown. clearly has no idea what happened here or what is going on in game.
  2. seriously though, can we get an official response.... Is sitting in a castle or fort with the swords a bannable offence? It's literally no different than anything that happened here. if this is bannable it would be amazing if you would provide us with a list of areas that are not allowed. while youre at it, please provide a reason why these areas are not allowed so that people can give feedback as to how these areas are being evaluated.
  3. +1.... this whole situation is just the most ridiculous thing that i have read in a very long time. It really seems like NC realized they made a horrible mistake, and instead of admitting it, they are now just trying to make up 'rules' to cover their ass. people have been using wyvrens and myteleports for years, and now all of a sudden its a bannable offence? Get bleeping real. Most of the people in here spend years pvping on the roof of Parn and countless other similar locations. If it was ok then, then why is it all of a sudden a problem? NC gave us all the means to accomp
  4. hahaha well this post is a perfect example of lies and toxicity coming from part of MS leadership. Anyways, i thought you didn't read my post, but yet you responded to sections in the middle of it, albeit with more lies. Lets see these "dozens of videos" of you beating me, since you seem to say they exist. "In which part are we shifting in huh?" The server is shifting away from MS being a dominant clan. You still have quite the siege force, but your clan barely exists outside of siege. Accept war? We play on our terms not yours. Anyways, war is up bro and been up well
  5. Funny, Zu doesnt change the tides of battle nearly as much as he used to. Like most of the players in MS, he has never been an overly skilled player, he just spends enough to create a large enough gear gap to try and remain on top. With all the changes to game recently, and a few jumps in strength by nova, Zu rarely leaves town anymore without Aratus or one of the blood swords by his side. and even then, we've been about 50/50 with them. Just last week, MS had both bloody swords, as well as aratus and zu all trying to protect them in sos, and we completely wiped them (LOL at Junk
  6. Hahaha so true... and the best example is even one of the people posting in this thread. Poor little spawn, tags up for 2h per week, and then spends all week trash talking about pvp. So pathetic lol. Sure there are a couple nova that drop as well... but the numbers for MS are staggering. Its funny, they started tagging alts to hold the place of their mains in main clan to make it look like they don't lose as many, but all it takes is a quick look around the map to see the astounding number of MS that detag.
  7. Oh, junk and your fake news.... so lets review your screenshots.... As a starting point, i would like to suggest there is probably a reason you choose screenshots as opposed to videos, its much much easier to conceal the full truth and context, as we will see as we move into analyzing these screenshots. So first up we have the field raid screen shot. Lets add some context. Who won that raid, even tho MS had both of their top raid farmers there? Oh that's right we did. When did all of this happen? Monday night. So that screenshot was taken from the last raid of the night. Wha
  8. Remind me again who you are? ---------------------------------------------------- To iVirtual, we appreciate the help. Keep up the good work sir! Its been quite the rough period for MS recently, spiraling downward almost as fast as they mass recruited to get to where they are now. They fail activity, fail nightly pvp, fail dragons, and fail oly. Its only a matter of time before they crumble entirely. It's pretty clear that Chronos is tired of their Toxic BS and this can been seen in their desperate attempts to recruit new members despite the fact that no one wants to join the
  9. I know its been a little while since the last video, but today's video feature's everyone's favorite JunkyTemp versus TheBlackPope! He usually goes to the ends of the game to dodge me, so this is a rare match indeed! Come see who prevails between Chronos's #BestIss(Lol) and your very own Pope! Enjoy! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6jy3alv_rQE&feature=youtu.be
  10. In today's show, we see the BATTLE OF THE TITANS!!! TheBlackPope vs MS's titan hero pick (iRollo) Two shows for the price of one! Enjoy! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OnN59b49h_M&feature=youtu.be
  11. Coming up next! TheBlackPope continues his conquest of MS oly "farmers". https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xSiarn_56js&feature=youtu.be TLDR: The "worthless dragon weapon" conquerors the strongest of all MS - AllArroundMe
  12. In today's feature video, we can see TheBlackPope facing MS's oly "farmers". https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=faV8mbZocuw&feature=youtu.be TLDR?: The "worthless dragon weapon" farms Hallibel with MS's stage 2 dragon caster. Enjoy! (x3) STAY TUNED MORE TO COME!
  13. Typical MS toxic propaganda. I said nothing of the sort.
  14. The brave people of nova standing against the MS zerg. Enjoy! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=10CYMOZYNwk
  15. You're a clown dude. We had 3 Brooch Br's in that party, 2 of which are only level 2, and Dont forget to mention you had a dragon weapon. To top that off, you lost the first two 7 v 7's in that same round of fights, and had to kick BornInHell (LOL), before you beat us the first time. All the while, we were getting drunker and drunker I guess I'm not surprised the MS propaganda is still flowing tho. Idk why i even bother to log on these forums lol. The only thing i ever read is MS lies and people calling them out on their lies.
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