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  1. and here we have a post full of hypocrisy.....every clan feeds ..but if u do it is all good if the others do it is bad....
  2. Complaints about archers

    im sure u dreaming.....
  3. Isle of soul - TOI - Plunderous Nerf

    IOS will go to previous adenna drop today
  4. Nc-team just take some time and read

    with they movements they drive ppl to quit
  5. Live Server Maintenance: Wednesday, May 6, 2020

    from the moment that are people that give them their money we r exacly that
  6. like the melee atk lag i guess
  7. for the adenna mess up u have anything to say or us usual u gonna avoid that?
  8. u devs r hilarius u never disapoint us on going brake things ....
  9. Tank class not strong

    evi can tank cause the sm ..let them try without it...
  10. Server transfers

    what item???
  11. think that was already on event
  12. maybe u ask the devs too much they r bad to find and fix the lag issue we have like a year now...
  13. Update 16.01

    what mana issue dont use mana armor...and make a good macro for ur healer and dont use on ur healer any skill that have continuus use of mp....
  14. How do I get Atlas Earing?

    u just go and play to korea or eu or ru servers will be cheaper than this here...
  15. Ninja Adena Nerf

    the fun part is that on wiki shows PP with 24k adenna...someone pulled a fast according to the overlords wishes right @juji?