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  1. nothing when u buy new one will get the new version
  2. and here we have a post full of hypocrisy.....every clan feeds ..but if u do it is all good if the others do it is bad....
  3. from the moment that are people that give them their money we r exacly that
  4. for the adenna mess up u have anything to say or us usual u gonna avoid that?
  5. u devs r hilarius u never disapoint us on going brake things ....
  6. evi can tank cause the sm ..let them try without it...
  7. maybe u ask the devs too much they r bad to find and fix the lag issue we have like a year now...
  8. what mana issue dont use mana armor...and make a good macro for ur healer and dont use on ur healer any skill that have continuus use of mp....
  9. u just go and play to korea or eu or ru servers will be cheaper than this here...
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