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  1. guess u r max pet with that much crying for 1 person
  2. nope all of them r out drinking and singing
  3. but still we wait for him to explain properly why not
  4. u know what happening on rollback right? so none will lose anything
  5. and why thats has anything to do with exe? most of the oe at sticks happening on chronos ...
  6. and why is impossible? explain that to us
  7. why u think we gonna get one when they r imbiciles
  8. LOL who waiting fishing event? that would be nightmare and expensive
  9. change the name of the game to lagage 2 and be done with it...
  10. nothing when u buy new one will get the new version
  11. and here we have a post full of hypocrisy.....every clan feeds ..but if u do it is all good if the others do it is bad....
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