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  1. i bet that iq didnt had all that lv6 jewels and lost
  2. that will end when max win the war..after will be the same us before the merge ....
  3. i bet u didnt even read the violation part right?
  4. ya ya im a bot master if l2walker still works.....
  5. and why u think they care ? specially when the only thing that matters its $$$ ...
  6. bots here bots there..bots everywhere...proofs?
  7. what u expect they just think that they have found the goose with the golden eggs...
  8. and what that means? im sure he died in the past too and prolly will die in the future...but ok u can celebrate ^^
  9. if u lose the dragons why u celebrate for a castle? thats the question
  10. u made a post saying actually nothing...
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