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  1. 13 hours ago, BloodDark said:

    its normal, when a player like IQ get full borrowed gear, get borrowed jewels lv6 to make br brooch and still cant farm more than 150 points... Happen that he spend so many time making detag and killing raidboss that he think in pvp he need to stay also 5 min giving auto attack :) 

    so its normal that this month xtec check IQ points and take back the hero in a easy way

    i bet that iq didnt had all that lv6 jewels and lost 

  2. On 7/23/2018 at 9:06 AM, OmenOfSteel said:


    Yesterday on NAIA every clan had a blast, cos the 2 biggest clans were busy with themselves on Aden while ignoring all other castles. Naia should be happy MAX is here now and allowing every clan to have fun on sieges finally.

    In general:
    Even when one clan is dominating a server without competition, this clan should not interfere in any other castles beside Aden/Rune/Giran. Other castles don't give much, so a little less greed will help a lot to keep the server alive. Sad enough many ppl. are blinded by their avarice.

    that will end when max win the war..after will be the same us before the merge ....

  3. 13 hours ago, Dustpag said:

    PvP at Blackbird really a nice fun, i enjoyed, At least we won pvp with this hard class and strong opponents , gf all!!! 

    3 rounds : 2 won , 1 lost , at some point over numbered but it s ok was nice


    and what that means? im sure he died in the past too and prolly will die in the future...but ok u can celebrate ^^

  4. 7 hours ago, marw said:

    Revolution is very boring. 

    Lineage changed as well as players. There are few very quality private servers with H5/C6 settings. It usually start with 6k+ people but in few months there is like 300 people. And I'm writing about very quality servers, with active GMs, no donate etc. 

    People have families, jobs... And there are not many hardcore players like we used to be. Hardcore farming (8h+) is the past.

    In my opinion if there will be l2classic from ncwest, it will be dead very soon. Who wanted to try it, tried it on Innova classic.


    A lot of people left official servers because of P2W. Which is also part of classic...

    unless they have some 3rd party program :P