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  1. Ty for taking the time to advice us an another consecutive big "FAIL" from NCsoft ...
  2. i mean "event mechanical" ... but anyway that is not the point of the post ... the descriptions are not for "guess" or for figure out what mean ... or look for the detail on a forum/web/wiki if they made a mistake ... is their problem ... not our problem
  3. First of all ... sry for my english ... i know is not the best but.... do you read the complete post? ... like i said i win 4 not 11 ... but i OPEN 11 and i dont see the problem ... because if i understand the mechanic better than the others, and i do it better or i have lady luck with me ... what is wrong with that ? ... im not breaking any rule... , i dont see the rule "1 reward for account" ... or "can win only once" .... ... if ncsoft ... dont want the people sell the box or something .. why they do it tradeable? .... the real problem here is NCSOFT Lying or
  4. i never said "i win 11 times" ... like i said i open 11 boxes ... is not the same btw .. i win 4 times, is not my fault is the other people want to use skill ... on a basic hit event
  5. i opened 11 Mutated Orc Treasure Chest Event ... and i think something is wrong with them. Because i didnt got any of the items on the description. Taking into account that the event only last 14 days and only one player of all the server can get 1 each day ... getting a maximum of 14 boxes in total .... sounds weird the fact that not even once one of the "good" items appeared. i fell scammed by the publicity of the event. the items i got : - Krishna Shooter - Krishna Fighter - Leviathan Gloves - Leviathan Leather Armor - Leviathan Leather Armor - Leviathan Leather Ar
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