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  1. Medusa Augment - BUG

    Working as intended. TM
  2. Super Bowl Sunday sieges

    When did I ever say postpone them? Why put words in my mouth?
  3. Super Bowl Sunday sieges

    This doesn't really work, cause a lot of people don't watch any television, or own a television or own a pc. To try to compare ratios of other technological cross sections and try to relate it is pretty fallacious. Might as well point out a bunch of other unrelated facts, like how many people eat pizza and how many people have traveled into space. There are so many other variables, it's not even worth mentioning. But good job of showing why you don't understand basic product development.
  4. Super Bowl Sunday sieges

    I didn't say they should schedule around it. If it was already in the game, then so be it. But to actually coincide a launch with a popular event is ludicrous. It could be the World Cup final, or Olympic closing ceremony. It's hard to say cause no other major sporting event has a 1 day spike (imo). My point still stands. It's a sloppy business decision. I am obviously gonna choose to watch, but I have every right to an opinion as you have a right to breathe heavily into the mic while eating potato chips. Or whatever snack you prefer. No judgment here.
  5. Looping Macros

    I was like you but then I realized the reality now is every room/zone is filled with people afk or botting. Might as well add it to the game instead of making it a secretive 3rd party thing.
  6. Producer's Letter - January 2019

    They meant sieges come Jan 2020.
  7. Nah. You're the guy who hates social media. I'm the guy who makes fun of you
  8. Super Bowl Sunday sieges

    Yes SuperballZ. You're probably right.
  9. I got an SLS back when I was lvl 45 or 46. One of the first few on TI.
  10. Who has the disadvantage? The lowpop servers probably have little competition on epics and RB's so I dunno.
  11. Super Bowl Sunday sieges

    Yeah I don't know what he meant by next weekend. He's probably one of those people that say next friday, but in fact mean this friday. Yeah i agree, clusterbleep. I think it's more than two people. Probably 3.
  12. Archer Server

    it's cause you're 55. get some levels.
  13. Granny lost her chill

    this isn't the rp forum
  14. Hey everyone look at me. That's all