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  1. Epic Mass PvP - Top CP

    The first one isn't viewable in the US cause of the music I guess. I can vpn but just sayin.
  2. lvl 55+ exp adjustment

    Plus dying at 55 was 4% of 120 mil. instead of 4% of 60 mil. No big deal. But they should have just left it.
  3. @Hime Can you clarify what "game content is capped at lvl 70" means? I am piggy backing off other people, but really the biggest question is, is 3rd class change available? The NPCs are there. The quest mobs are there. Everything is there. So when you say content is capped, what does that mean? Also, we all know you can get skills higher than 70 too. So it just seems as ignorant as the lvl 1 support stating that the lvl cap is still 70.
  4. WTB Avadon BP recipe

    PST "Sospoiled ty
  5. Nobody killing Raid Bosses?

    let me guess you're lvl 25 in aden server?
  6. And the lvl 75s are still lvl 75. feels good.
  7. PK used to be the reason pvp started. But nowadays with the high penalty (first pk gives 1k karma) very few are willing to PK. Nobody PK'd to lose xp back in the day. Everyone xp'd it off or killed it off using brez/90% bish rez. People acting like everyone took 4% Go to village return or something. Nowadays, it's not worth PKing cause of the severe penalty of karma which makes death the only viable option. This takes your red players out of the fight essentially.
  8. A lot of buffers/healers went bow back in the day to attack with full buffs while staying behind lines. This is why they nerfed the cast speed on the bow only, because it was OP. Especially with prophet, who would just root and kill the poor melees with the bow.
  9. Holiday Selfies in Aden Contest

    Did you ever announce the winners for the loading screen picture"?
  10. all this does is show 66% chance in series.
  11. Looting rights

    It works fine on non epics, after berserk timer. Try harder.
  12. C grade shots in store

    I'm not blaming the bots on the low drop rate. But, you can be sure that the low drop rates causes way more demand for RMT than other servers, which makes the bots even more rampant. And it's clear NCWest doesn't care. Many illegal servers allow bots. Many illegal servers also have strict policies on them. But yeah, L2 is a great game don't get me wrong. I just think this iteration has a lot of issues that could have been easily resolved with just a little bit of extra work. But I also understand why they probably don't care. You really shouldn't buy the C shots. It's not worth it.