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  1. What is the punishment you expect? A hell of a lot worse than waterboarding?!?! Lol All he did was test the waters for what is and is not acceptable names based on terms of service. The punishment was his name was changed. Seems fair to me. Saying I would have been more harsh is the kinda virtue signaling people get mad about. Its obvious and it lacks authenticity. You are not signaling that you are a good person. You are signaling that you are irrational and only deal in absolutes. Only the sith deal in absolutes.
  2. I seen you in game Hitler! I laughed. It made my day a little bit better. I am sure I am not the only one who seen the name and had a smile on their face. Thanks for making the world a little bit better place, by finding comedy in tragedy. It is one of our greatest abilities as a species.
  3. Is there a way to make "Shortcut"s or keybinds as normal games call them blank? I feel like I am playing this game right now:
  4. I think everyone is coming from different chronicles and different private servers with different expectations. The reason I like games like l2 and ffxi is that its work to get anything. If you are telling me the old way was no SS to grind. I am excited to accept the challenge.
  5. Thanks for the insight. I was around in c4-c5. So I guess I had unrealistic expectations for how real the grind is. I actually want to try harder. Never grinded without SS in my life. Lol
  6. Let me start by saying I came for the grind. I have fond memories of c4-c5 grinding mobs just trying to earn my place in the world. I remember having to pay close attention to if my grind spot was profitable and by how much. Right now I am VIP 3 with the 30$ "let's get this game started package". I feel like the drop rates are low enough to make the game unplayable. I should be able to invest in some soulshots and basic potions, grind until it's gone. And come back with a little profit depending on how conservative I am with lots and the mobs I grind. Right now with VIP 3 it seems like that
  7. Are the drop rates lower than 1x without VIP4 50% boost, and the VIP4 brings the drop rate back to 1x. Alternatively does the 50% increase make the drop rate 1.5x. I have not really played since c4 si it's not obvious to me how these perks work. I want to support the attempt at making a classic server work, but I don't want to experience higher than original drop rates.
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