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  1. Been great having you LEDFOOT, We have just reopened recruitment again. WPG has 3 active lvl 3 clans looking to fill our last few slots. Thanks D,
  2. Hey Ledfoot sorry had not checked this for days. Would love to have you on TI rerolling a new server is a pain though Let me know what you are looking to do, jump on in our discord as well. D,
  3. WPG has 3 LvL 2 Clans All Active and All in our Discord. We have roughly 7 Spots Left in the community Until we raise them all to lvl 3. Jump on in Discord and get to know everyone.
  4. Guide for Adena quests !

    This spot is riddled with bots (Dark Elf spider quest) A complete joke
  5. Guys keep joining Discord. We are forming up more CP groups. HH
  6. Welcome to all the great members, Thanks for jumping in Discord.
  7. Dion Hunting Zones, XP Messed up?

    Oh wow thanks for that I was here for prelude - c4 and never knew that lol. Cheers
  8. New Lineage II Classic Server: Aden

    Is this true, just saw some world shouts going out???
  9. Talking Island SERVER Discord

    Had a damn fun first day, here we go day 2
  10. Talking Island SERVER Discord

    Not sure why you guys keep posting in this thread. WPG has opened our doors to anyone looking to join our Discord for CPs or just to enjoy this Classic reboot. Please keep your links out of this thread. Welcome to those that joined had an amazing first day!!