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  1. Agree with all u said, i remember how it all started, they first said all the items we would have in the L2 store was cosmetic and xp items, i know that just like any other, this company needs money to survive, but what these guys are doing is just... not right. In order to update the game and have a good community, they should do what US, real players, say, not what they think thats better for us, i bet none of them play the game. I'm sad to see all they care about is our money. Within a year, this game will be so dead, only the ones who spend some serious money on this will be
  2. bleep it, I play on gludio server and this server is losing players everyday, I don't give a bleep about the disadvantage, we need that merge.
  3. the real lineage players are gone, nowadays we only have a bunch of kids crying wanting to use their credit cards to buy everything.
  4. You're not lucky and the event is stupid because of that, got it.
  5. "boohoo i have problems in real so ill log in multiple accounts in lineage2 to make me feel better boohoo" u can have fun playing with one character only.. hope u get banned.
  6. wtf hahaha these graphics tho @topic thats sad, im gonna ask ncsoft to hire me, if they give me $500 a month and give me a GM account ill log in daily to ban every single bot i see.
  7. this only proves that u dont really kill mobs, all u must do is daily quests, bc if u did, u would have alot of SP, high level skills arent meant to be easy to get, if u want to u gotta kill mobs, nowadays when u cant get something u just go to the forums and make ur topic complaining that u cant get it saying "increasee it increase ittttt im a crybaby"
  8. if we keep going this way, within some months everyone will be bought from store, wtf kind of classic is that? pk system atm is horrible we know, but ur idea is worse.
  9. lol just cus u a no life player u ask people to quit the server when u kill someone? ur funny for thinking u own anything haha
  10. If youre doing AOE youre somehow stealing from others, so u dont like when ppl steal some mobs back from u? i agree the current pk system is bleeped up and it gotta change, but the example you used is stupid..
  11. do u even play the game? bc if u do in 10 minutes u will find and ban thousand of bots in all the main cities.
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