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  1. Solution: 'Client will be closed'

    +1 I have been waiting in queque like 8 hours ago
  2. When next update ???

    In my opinion: Because your profit 4 times less (0.25x) than your expenditure!
  3. Issues Status Update - 10.10.2018

    nbx you are the smartest I've ever met!
  4. Issues Status Update - 10.10.2018

    I just dont understand that how PRIVATE server's can correct something without any KOREAN dev team ? Please tell me. Thanks
  5. Issues Status Update - 10.8.2018

    wtf are u talking about Lawman?? U just forget to take your pills? I hope that u just kidding with us!!
  6. Issues Status Update - 10.8.2018

    +1 to the XP and spoil/drop problem.
  7. Unpopular Opinion

    ++ KABAL!!
  9. If this is true ..

    +1 xHaseo!!
  10. It's Time

    Those GM's already sh1t down us... THey can not give us a single answer like days ago.. How they will manage this server in the future?? Im really disappointed with all..
  11. asfsdfasg2 u dont have to use CAPSLOCK becase u arent true!! Whats your name on skelth char?? tell me genius, This server started x1 rate not 0.25x .

    They dont care us.. They got already 300.000 $ from players.. There are no answer like 2-3 days on any TOPIC's by GMS... Its a fukin bullsh1t!
  13. Why you can not even give us an answer?? Tons of topic w/o answers... we have been waiting for it long time ago.. PLEASE check ADENA /DROP rate topics!??
  14. Adena/drop x0.25?

    I just dont know how they did this problem with 1.5.version... its and old client version.. should be works without any problems.. They just modified TO MUCH.. why needed nerf the adena drop rate to 0.25x.. Im very angry and dissapointed. Its weekend and i planning to play as much as i can .. but ADENA makes it nosense..
  15. I totally agree with @Cardano!! I have been playing with Classic client 5 years ago. This adena rate is very very low.. should say around 0.25x . I wont buy top NG weapon when i reach lv20 but atlest want to buy back my shots what i already spent it to lvlup.. i cant even buy back arrows which is 2 adena /each.. Calssic not about HARD OR EASY... i cant go step by step becuse of ADENA ISSUE!! IF gms says Here you need to buy SHOTS by EURO or DOLLAR i woudnt join here..