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  1. @Juji While you are fixing my wyvern mount and changing the PG / Oly times. You ALSO need to add the ability for us to use emojis and memes in ingame chat. This is 2021, noone uses actual sarcasm anymore its all with the usage of these things. You, and your company, need to get with the times. You will find full support of all L2 Aden servers on all of the issues I have brought to your attention. Thanks.
  2. @Juji @Hime @Sunshine It is beyond dumb that these two events happen at the same time. Let us enjoy these things and change one of their times. Literally everyone from both servers wants this. Do your jobs and listen to your few clients. If you even have the intelligence to do this get on it and fix it. If you don't, request your Korean masters to do it. Either way do your jobs.
  3. @Juji @Hime @Sunshine Do you all work or just sit around and with a thumb up your asses all day?
  4. @Juji @Sunshine @Hime , it is extremely rude to keep ignoring me. I know yall be readin this stuff. Tell me it doesn't make sense to make this happen.
  5. @Juji @Sunshine @Hime would like your input on this situation if you would be so kind.
  6. Fletcher Good morning, I was wondering since the player who cheated to win the Why Burn Event for the Wyvern mount is now permanently banned and the mount lost. If you could consider awarding it to the 2nd place winner of the event. It seems only fair that since that player didn't win it to begin with only because the top player was cheating using 3rd party software and exploits. GM Saika Hello there, We really understand where you're coming from in this request. However, please note that the Game S
  7. @Juji @Hime @Sunshine What is going on with the Olympiad time? Why would it start at 4pm EST on a NA EST based server? Wouldn't it make since for it to start at like idk, 2030 EST right after orc fortress during the prime time of the server? Not while everyone is either at work or on their way home from work? Who's bright idea was this
  8. I agree with @Oestemnet. Extending these events by just 1 week would be greatly appreciated by the community as a whole and show that you ( as community managers, developers etc ) care about your community and prove that L2 Aden is truly a long term project that will be taken care of for years to come. However, if nothing about the loss of time for these events is done, I'm afraid this server will die instantly on September 28th when New World comes out.
  9. @Sunshine can we unarchive the [BlackBird Only] Ongoing Server Lag Issue - August 2021 thread since the lag is back? Or maybe retitle it Aden Servers since both are experiencing it now
  10. @Sunshine First just want to thank you for responding to most of everyone's post, it means a lot to the community to get answers. But I have another one for you. I know that Orc Fortress isn't in the game right now and wasn't sure if there was a plan to add it? Also, my clan just hit level 4 and we were planning to do Dwelling of Spirits but the NPC doesn't give us the option? Is this also disabled at the moment for some reason?
  11. @Sunshine Is there anyway we can see drop percentages for raids?
  12. @Sunshine I am referring to the patch notes where it is stated that the epic raids ( Core, AQ, Zaken, Orfen, Baium, Antharas ) drop Lcoin either L1000 or L8000. We have killed a few of these multiple times for days now and haven't seen a single one yet. https://www.lineage2.com/news/aden-launch-patch-notes
  13. @Sunshine @Hime @Juji When are we going to get an update on this lag issue? Due to many people switching to Elcadia it's starting to effect that sever too. Also, I'd like to see some kind of drop table on raid bosses. When you all first advertised this server you claimed that certain raids would drop Lcoin. My clan has farmed these raids daily and have yet to see any Lcoin drop.
  14. @Juji @Sunshine @Hime Is there a raid drop % sheet specific for this patch on L2 Aden?
  15. @Hime @Sunshine The lag is already back, at this point the community needs a formal apology and a real plan laid out on how to fix this or I'll take my clan and leave.
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