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  1. So now that we've experienced being able to play with more than 3 clients we can all agree how helpful it is to be able to run full groups when you are missing live players. Therefore I would like to start an official petition to permanently remove the 3 client limit once again so we can continue enjoying it. Everyone in favor please leave a comment for @Juji in this thread so he can help us remove it. Thanks.
  2. Hey my buddy is a lvl 52 PR and has been looking for a solid Archer CP to join, he also has a lvl 48 WC friend who is also active, if you still need those slots filled let me know here or you can message him in game at "CptMorgan. Both are US one is east the other west coast
  3. Hello everyone, I'm looking to start or join an archer CP, I'm currently a lvl 49 PR, I have some potential recruits to make my own but would need more archers/ a SWS/ and a healer. If youre interested or need an archer for your own message me here or in game at "CptMorgan.
  4. Hey everyone, Just coming back to L2 since 06-07 for the drop of Classic. I got on the live servers to get my feet wet and so much has changed since then. My friends are joining me tomorrow at the release and we're all curious to know what are the metas at PvP. We used to play Gladiators and Tyrants but I've read some people say they've lost their edge. Any help would be greatly appreciated! I'd hate to make a character and put time into them if they aren't gonna be able to compete.
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