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  1. with a proper class and 1-2 boxes u can play efficient, for solo-relax gaming, pm tacos TI server if have any questions
  2. Only Been 45 days ALREADY PK SCROLL? in 3 month it will be 100% PAY TO WIN, it already is with 50$ per month rune, and PK scroll LOOOL, PLS LEARN from INNOVA a little
  3. https://eu.4gameforum.com/threads/628068/
  4. you are wasting time..pm tacos or 77777, il give some advise
  5. Only OB resp comanders that gives u 100k exp, they spawn every 30min after last comander was killed.
  6. sho

    Paladin or DA?

    only ape would pick paladin over da
  7. trash clan, played in Talking island, i solo killed their group in OB 1vs7..
  8. 1: you lvl to low thats why they re-agr on others 2: youre aggro lvl to low, higher lvl will fix this 3: you should agro mobs non stop, as soon as it cools down
  9. Error: PGP99150 pls help, got it on one accaunt, 2nd one error
  10. ya na Talking Island startyu za nekra naverno, go zamutim cp
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