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  1. Are you the representative for Brasil?
  2. If killing spiders if your only way to make adena I suggest you become the peoples exterminator then .
  3. Nope, every exterminator I have met is completely happy to come to my house to squish my spiders because I am paying him for his service expertise. If you hate your job, find a new one. That is an age old solution to this issue. IF you hate killing l2 spiders, pay someone adena to do it for you?
  4. How do you expect a company offering you a game to play for free without forcing you to buy in to stay in business? I think the definition of pay2win doesnt come from the ability to gain more adena from hunting mobs yourself. You should be thanking those who pay for VIP status, as it doesn't give you god mode AND it supports your ability to play this game without paying a real subscription.
  5. As for the 10% on death, I am from oldschool Lineage 2 and if I remember correctly, it has always been a higher % upon death until you hit level 40 which then decreased to 4%. I would challenge someone that is level 40 to say if its still 10% anyone that high yet?
  6. What if you are an exterminator for a living? So someone does want to squish spiders.
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