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  1. WTS +12 Krishna Stormer Clean or WTT for same Slasher. Mail in-game Nick "Gofur
  2. +1 RED LIBRA need this early. Pls ncwest
  3. Iss Hierophant (human Race) Iss Blade Dancer (dark Elf Race) Iss Sword Muse (Elf Race) Iss Dominator/iss Warcryer (orc Race)
  4. "Iss enchanter" is the name of class buffer. Ex: iss hierophant, iss spectral dancer. What I want say to do is to create 1 iss enchanter (buffer). To buff yourself free. Run 2 acc at same time. Your main acc and iss acc. In this case the iss acc is what we call "box". Sry my bad english.
  5. Hi. In live server. All classes have self buff. U just need Spirit ore to buff yourself. Check your learn skill. Or you can box iss enchanter to buff you. This is the cheapest way to have buff. No need buy from npc with adena.
  6. Im sure. NC buff belleth mobs. Just why? Its because you "give us" +12 weap? This makes no Sense. Why "upgrade" us and buff mob at same time. Its a pain in the *** to play as 106 level.
  7. Red Libra please. With last event, awesome event. Need red libra back to change weapon. No ppl Trading weapon on Naia. Can we have easy way to have Rune Stones? Prices to have simple skill Go insane. To much hard for newbie player like me. Ty
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