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  1. So I've decided to go through all L2 Classic and major 3rd party Lineage 2 servers, including Official forums and warn people about malicious behaviour of NCSoft. Let's start with server launch: The guy said loudly and clearly (27:30) that launch pack wont be sold after launch. They are still in store rignt now as I'm writing this post 10/8/2018, in my country this is a crime. So all of you that pre-ordered packs and have '"Anti-scam rights" in your country, you can sue NCSoft. They refused to give us the patch notes. We've got the patch notes only few hour
  2. I'm looking for clan because all of my friends abandoned the server due to hardcore grind I'd like to keepl playing but its impossible to do it solo. So I'm looking for english speaking clan who would like to welcome future Plainswalker in their ranks. I'm 27 old programmer. Usually I play like 3 - 5 hours a day.
  3. I think they don't care about Classic at all. It's just easy money for them. It started even before launch. Look at this list of failures: They gave us patch notes few hours before launch They delayed launch twice with web page completely down so you had no idea what's going on Their PREORDER EXCLUSIVE Launch packs were in store 2 days after their deadline (so it was a scam) When purchasing NCoins there is at least 6 hours delay before receiving them (In my case it was 1x 6 hours, 1x 8 hours, 1x 3hours) You are not able to login to game when waiting through
  4. I have same problem. 2 hours of wasted time. If you CAN NOT connect me to the game then LET ME KNOW BEFORE THE QUEQUE. I'm already going through 3rd party Classic servers reporting what is going on Official server. This is jus too ridiculous for me.
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