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  1. If you ask me it's just a way of justifying the amount of OE weapons in classic, there is 100% an OE bug in classic.
  2. There has been more bots than players for months mate. You are right they are in every spot and NCsoft is doing jack all about it.
  3. Yeah your right NCsofts "CLASSIC" they have increased all the exp. There is an old post with a table in it if you can find it.
  4. Nothing about this game is classic, it's a GOD based client with some things removed (even thats a custom version), it's nothing more than a mess.
  5. The servers are wall to wall full of bots.. I think most real players left along time ago.
  6. What BS, this is not classic. Wake up!!
  7. Yes they are and Improved scroll of escape.
  8. And they call this CLASSIC ?? there was NO PK scrolls in CLASSIC.
  9. Just a suggestion but does it still automate if you drag them on a bar and right click them ? (I'm sure it does) and not have anything in the SS and BSS slots. If so then that could be a way to stop this from happening.
  10. This is an exploit in classic thats why they took the serverd down a few weeks ago to patch it No BIG deal ??? WTF go try and then come back and you will see what they are on about.
  11. OP it all depends on how much money you wish to line NCsoft pockets with.
  12. NO joke there are MUCH better illegal classic servers than this one. I dont know why people play on this none mishmashed classic.
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