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  1. Old School from what I remember was Hawkeye the PR then SR Spell Singer Then Necro and Spell Howler Sorc had fighting chance with some help when he was doing Mana Flare but that didnt last long since the cost kept rising Tyrants and all daggers pretty much held the next spots
  2. When you say no Exp without buffs that is exactly accurate. Unless the changed the mobs completely.
  3. Warlords were late to the game because of how they play. Once the Catacombs and the gear was readily available in expansion 3. You saw them doing their job a lot better. There are also hunting grounds designated for these classes otherwise you have a warlord run like hell thru rooms then back into a corner and throwing all his skills down while a sorc aoes and you got some fast exp... But all that didnt come about until Cruma tower was long and dead T_T poor Cruma and the Bot wars.
  4. I work from home at noon its off to the races with my Dwarven army! I will be jamming to some old school music and crafting for everyone I see!
  5. I was a Warsmith on Seghert Reecy will rise again! Return of the Master Crafter and warmachine!!!!
  6. Summons did used to sap EXP when you were leveling until the 3rd expansion if I remember correctly when they got the additional Summons and their timers were changed because they used to be on a crazy cool down. Also unless they changed it Their attack spells didnt go up anymore because they started getting buffs like a prophet for pets. So you would see them getting in heavier armor and getting into combat more. Summons were a lot of fun after the 3rd expansion released.
  7. You also left out the reason the SE is shunned more than the EE Once you get to higher levels the EE has the highest Res Penalty reducition in the game. Also they are the ones you want in your group when a group goes badly with their escape spell. SE is a viable solo class play in classic with Dual blades and light armor if you like to solo but it way outshined by the Prophet and Warcryer Empower was great but Blessed SPS was introduced in the second expansion and and that is what killed the SE for the most part. Not to mention once you got a Blade Singer and Blade dancer to backup y
  8. Best Solo Grinder was Spell Howler without buffs With Buffs your Archers were second followed by Dagger classes The only Summoner that was actually ok for leveling back in classic was Dark Avenger Every other Summons was on a very long cool down until the the third expansion when when got 2 additional summons each and they sucked your EXP away counting as a Party Member
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