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  1. I would be looking for a way to adjust the rates for VIP 3 to 4 to be close to the actual classic lineage 2. The korean server does this and it works great, anyone that is semi serious about the game will buy stuff in the store to keep their vip status going. The people that are looking for a 100% free experience will get a free experience. They can play the game like it is in its current state. I know the freeloaders arent going to be happy about this but 99% of these guys RMT or bot anyway so who cares about them. Lets be honest here, if you can not earn 15 dollars a month to play
  2. Thanks for the reply. I do not really have a problem with these types of mobs cause they are avoidable and are a great natural bot deterrent.
  3. I agree with this, I am only level 45 now but I deleveled from level 50. I use noble elven bow and after 45 the adena we make just isnt enough to even buy soul shots. After leveling at 50 for a day I just deleveled because its just not the adena that is messed up at higher levels. Most high level solo spots have random 2-3x hp mobs sprinkled in that are either a bug or broken. The 2-3x hp mobs drop less adena and legit usually drop 0 items 100% of the time. The drop rates on mobs in level 50 areas is so low that maybe after 10 kills I will pick up a stem. This is not correct. I still fe
  4. I have been deleveling as soon as I hit 95% at level 40 because I do not see anyway to make enough adena to use the gk and upgrade my gear lol. I have hit level 41 3 times now and still do not have enough to buy any type of c grade items. This is kind of bad in my opinion. I am a solo player with a box pp and I can only make around 60k adena per hour while killing green mobs that I kill in 2 to 3 shots with my bow. Is this going to be changed to pay? There is no incentive to get past level 40. I still do not have all of my level 40 skills lol.
  5. 10 IQ...The mobs in dion are bugged stop being stupid. Why would they put monsters mixed in with normal mosnters. Even the l2 classic wiki shows the xp from the mob is bugged. They just give 92-200 adena because they are level 30 with high hp.
  6. Is this going to be fixed anytime soon? It is bottle necking the level 30s fix the dang mobs plz.
  7. Monster eye destroyer is in both areas.
  8. Yo anyone know if they fixed the dion mobs? This is more than just dion, some of the monsters in wasteland give wrong xp also. When is a fix comming in? I need to be able to level up solo somehow.
  9. @NCsoft. Just reduce the prices in the npc stores to match the prices of the drop rate and boom bam 2 birds with one stone. People still buy ncoin to buy stuff from store and the game is playable. if the rate is 25% of the original then just cut the shops to 25%, if not this then just boost vip 3 and 4 to have normal drop rates and call it good. People that invest into the game should be rewarded with a playable version.
  10. Uh the rates are not any better with vip4, I am level 28 with 32k adena and I havent bought anything from the npc shop aside from a 14k bow. I still have all my mats but still.
  11. Bro I am level 28, Saved every adena I have earned since level 20 and have only bought ss from the ncshop. I have 36k adena and make approximatly 4k adena per level, which is slowly going down as I get higher. I moved from abandoned camp to cruma marsh and the monsters there drop less adena than AC did. GL earning D grade anything because I am still using the 14k adena bow from the shop on talking island. All of my xp has been solo too. I turned in 800 AC quest items and was rewarded with 8k adena, so good luck to my good sir
  12. Yea wait till you arent level 10 anymore.
  13. Yeah 300 ol mahum quest items=3k gold have fun with that.
  14. Yeah I am going to make my char into a fisher for a week or two waiting for an adjustment and if nothing comes I am just going to stop playing. I am not trying to hit level 40 with a no grade weapon and a D grade armor set from a quest reward lol. I feel like they need to adjust the prices of the npc stores to 25% of what they are now if they plan to have people stick around and deal with this.
  15. I mean you are missing the point but ok. I am trying to get the point across to you that I buy everything from the NCshop to save adena. And I am not making any. If you really feel like relying on finding a full item drop is a reliable way to progress and play, then well hats off to you. Untill this game is fixed, my char is turning into a fishing bot.
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